Mad Magazine's 20 Dumbest People, Events, and Things of 2014

It’s that time of year again. Americans wait patiently as one of the nation’s most august publications picks the individual or group most worthy of a highly anticipated award. No, it’s not Time’s Person of the Year. It’s Mad Magazine’s annual issue, The 20 Dumbest People, Events, and Things of 2014. Vote for your choice or suggest others.

It’s a tough call, but Cosby’s stupidity (as far as we know) was in the past, and the NFL and Ebola responses were more of a collective cluster****, so for the dumbest individual, I’ll go with Donald Sterling. Of course he actually made a profit from his stupidity, so maybe he’s not as dumb as he seems.

Protesters setting fire to their own town…

Why not drive to someone else’s town and set that on fire. That way, you make the same political statement…and your town isn’t on fire.

Ebola. It was a group effort.
I’m sure we’ve all done stupid things, but I don’t think we would rape while stupid. And Barkley said something considered controversial by some that lots of others said?

FWIW, I read (don’t remember where/sorry no cite/can’t pretend it wasn’t a biased website) that somelarge% of arrestees at a protest were from… out of state!

It doesn’t make me respect them any more – gosh darn carpetbaggers! – but it’s marginally less stupid.

Ebola – hands down. And had Ray Rice kept his hands down it wouldn’t even be a contest.

There are at least a hundred million Americans who are dumber than anyone on that list (maybe 200-million), but they are not important enough to have their stupidity noticed and publicized.

I voted for “hysterical Ebola response”, but if Kim Kardashian’s butt was listed, I would have chosen that instead.

Mad magazine.


Funny how fast that lost steam after Election Day…

Now, now. Don’t be jealous.


That was his lechery. His stupidity was asking the internet to “meme” him, and expecting it to be supportive rather than derisive.

Thank you, I was wondering if Charles Barkley did something especially stupid this year or if he’s always on the list by default.:smiley:

I voted for the NFL. I considered Donald Sterling, but didn’t he get like $2 billion for the team? Probably at least a couple hundred million or so extra? Who can I insult to make that much money?

Also, we’ve only got seven choices here. What were the other 13 dumbest?

The issue hasn’t been released yet. The list is merely my speculations about who or what might show up.

How about Jackie Coakley and Rolling Stone along with the hysterical overreaction by the UVA administration? Coakley and her lies caused a viscous unwarranted attack on the Greek system as well as college makes in general. The media has been overzealous in repeating the lies about 25% percent of college women will be raped and the lies of Jackie Coakley/Rolling Stone just threw gasoline on to that fire.

Most of them had driven to another town and set it on fire.

While that certainly deserves to be included, the issue of Mad probably went to press before the facts came to light.

Isnt’ the answer to this question always, ‘Sarah Palin’?

Ebola, but not the overreactions. Rather those in Liberia and elsewhere who believe that Ebola is a hoax.