Mad-Men: 5.01 "A Little Kiss" (open spoilers)

The very first scene was just the Y&R guys in their office listening to a protest below and then dumping water on them them (I think they started with coffee but I couldn’t tell exactly what was in the pitcher). So it sounds as though you pretty much saw it.

Well I think Megan might bring it up (just like she told Don that she didn’t know if she wanted to work at SCDP anymore). But honestly, if she wants to be taken seriously as a copywriter (and I get the impression that she does, considering she works on weekends and wants to stay late to finish projects), I think the onus is on her to get there on time, even if he is late.

Then again, she doesn’t appear to be very good at standing up to Don, like when she went home with him even though she wanted to stay and work.

I think Peggy is doing a pretty good job of holding whatever negative feelings she has in and being fair (maybe even overly generous) to Megan.

Megan’s flip out was only minimally about Peggy. She was hurt and disappointed that Don didn’t enjoy the party the way she thought he would, not to mention him wanting to sleep afterward instead of wanting to turn her inside out after her little performance. (The first time you practically lay yourself out on a platter for a guy and he takes a nap or settles in to watch the game instead, it’s a little…jarring.) Then to walk in on that break room discussion…well, she was having a shitty day long before Peggy came on the scene.

Ah, gotcha. I think she handled herself quite poorly then.

The second hour went better than the first. After a year and a half hiatus, they don’t seem to be able to settle back into their characters. I’m sure it will get better. As usual, Roger has the best lines.

I think it’s because she reveres Don and assumes everyone else does as well. She assumes that everyone is nice and fun and polite and “well off” in a Madison Avenue workplace. I’ve seen that behavior lots - always from naive women - who have idealized and unfounded perceptions of what a white collar workplace (and the people in it) are really like.

My reaction exactly. I was extremely squicked out by that. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I believe “no means no” and that pulling away is a very clear reinforcement of that. Eesh.

I do have two questions: was the photo Lane kept of a black woman? I re-wound the DVR and didn’t think it was. Why else would she have said they couldn’t marry?

Second question is did Megan know about the Dick Whitman stuff last season? I didn’t think she did, so did Don actually open up and share? She seems so shallow and stupid, but at least she’s not malicious like Betty.

I did love the Lane and Joan scene. That made it feel like the old show.

Yeah when Megan was all, “you’re not even apologizing!!” to Peggy I was thinking, "What exactly is she supposed to apologize to you for?

Yeah, but that whole scene played out like some sex game. I mean, she stripped to her black lacy underthings to clean up a room, whilst gabbling on about ‘you can’t even look at me, you’re old’ and wiggling her butt on all fours.

I don’t think she stripped down to a sexy black bra and panties because she didn’t want to break a sweat. I saw it as Megan asserting herself. She can’t impress Don at work, but she can impress him at home.

I don’t remember the “can’t marry” comment, but the photo was of a very young, attractive white woman.

How about the chant at the beginning of the episode? “O - E - O” something. For a minute I thought the OEO stood for Office of Economic Opportunity (part of Johnson’s War on Poverty) but couldn’t figure out why that’d be part of a protest chant.

They guy’s in the Mafia and already has a wife.

Yeah, I was thinking more along the lines of sex game than spousal rape too.

Megan crawling around in her undies was extremely erotic, but I didn’t understand that scene at all.

I hardly recognized Harry.

For some reason, no matter how right might be I can never be on Pete’s side.

I’m developing a big dislike for Don and his hang ups. Megan’s such a sweet girl. Why can’t he just be nice to her?

I wanted to hug Joan.

All the women in the office were great. The men all needs ti be slapped.

Anyone else wish there was a “Talking Dead” for Mad Men?

Can Don be nice to anybody? Despite their train-wreckiness, Megan and Don do seem to communicate better than Betty and Don ever did. Mind you, I doubt very much that it will help

Don would probably like that; remember his liaison with the hooker last season?

I thought Roger’s lines were a perfect example of how the show felt off. He’s always had such a deadpan delivery and impeccable timing with his lines, often delivered after a perfectly measured pause for effect (Roger is well aware of his wit and uses it like a rapier.) Last night I thought nearly every one of his lines was crowbarred into already too-quick, too-wordy dialogue.

If this episode was about the general discomfort of everything going on at SCDP then maybe I can buy that everything felt off and I’ll be relieved when the show settles back into what this show does best: gutting character exposure.

Agreed, however, on the Joan/Lane scene- Lane seems to be one of the few that has given Joan a serious opportunity to prove she’s more than just a body. That was a good scene.

(but just before that when Joan greeted Don and accepted his kiss on the cheek, it was just NOT Joan and Don to me)

I’ll stop harping about it all now. And I’ll be watching next week.

I got the feeling that those kinds of games might be the norm for them… that and her dance in front of the whole party.

I’ve seen Joan’s mother somewhere before. She reminded me of Peggy’s mother somehow. Joan’s baby is either really tiny, or maybe Joan is extra-large this season, it looked like she was holding a doll! (well, I suppose that in the office scene it WAS a doll)… Megan is really pretty, loved her little orange dress… And Sally is also very pretty, I wish she was a little older so we can see her run off to join a commune with those dirty hippies!.. Little Eugene is so cute! He looks like my own brother when he was little… “Say ‘hi’ to Morticia and Lurch”, sez Don when he dropped them off :p. I love those kids, I hope they, Don, and Megan have a good relationship…And what’s with Lane’s growing obsession with the wallet guy’s “girl”? I would guess it’s a way to draw him into a criminal blackmail type of subplot.

I got the feeling that the song and dance and everything was unexpected and not something that Don has seen before.

He obviously misses his swinging playboy bachelor life.

Did you watch That 70’s Show? I believe Joan’s mother was a briefly-recurring character on there–Joanne, the woman Bob started dating after Midge left him.

Nor I, at an office party! If Boss’s Wifey does not want to overhear breakroom sex fantasies, maybe she should not do an oh! la-la hoochie-coochie dance in front of the whole staff.

Little Sally is *so *going to become a Manson chick.