Mad-Men: 5.01 "A Little Kiss" (open spoilers)

Finally, after 18 months of waiting Mad Men is back tonight at 9pm with a 2-hour premiere. Where we left off back in 2010; it was late summer 1965, Don had just proposed to Megan, Joan was pregnant with Roger’s baby & her husband was in Vietnam, SCDP had lost Lucky Strikes & Cooper had walked out after Don’s letter the the editor denouncing tobacco companies, Peggy had just landed a pantyhose account nobody seemed to care about because of Don & Megan, Betty & Henry finally moved out of Don’s house (Betty firing Carla w/o reference in the process), and Pete & Trudy had a baby (with Trudy wanting to flee Manhatten for the suburbs).

I’m interested in seeing how tall Don’s daughter Sally is now. She was really shooting up when they went on hiatus.

You didn’t see the Playboy spread yet? :wink:

I am loving Don & Megan’s new pad. GROOVY!!

“I thought there were gonna be girls here…”

Roger’s gonna be sleeping on the couch tonight!

Zooby zooby zoo!

Wow, Harry Crane has lost weight.

Is it me or is the writing really awful on this particular episode? No one seems like themselves and I’m feeling zero chemistry between any of the characters. Sometimes I can be accused of building my expectations way too high in anticipation of an upcoming movie or TV show, but I haven’t been really thinking about this one too much lately. I just cannot get into it.

It’s a little hard to be edgy when the storyline is this stale. It will take a couple of weeks to lay the groundwork again.

Don/Megan sex scene = ridiculous. I’m really disappointed. Who ARE these people and what have they done with my show?

9:00-10:00 - set-up
10:00 - 11:00 - set-up
11:00 - 11:08 - set-up

I love how Roger’s joke came back to bite him in the ass. SCDP really is finally actually going to have to hire a Black person, even if only as a secretary. :wink: I think the writing looks better than it really is because it’s been so long since the last season. Most of this episode felt like it was just laying the groundwork for future plots.

I do like that it looks like we’re finally going to get some background information on Joan. Her mother isn’t exactly what I was expected. I always thought of Joan as coming from a fairly strict, religous household from a small town or rural area for some reason. Tonight I got the impression that Joan was raised by a single mother with a series of uncles. Did anyone find the shot of little Kevin’s ass & scrotum bizarre? :eek: Why would they pick that angle? I look forward to Joan trying to balance motherhood and career; especially after Greg comes up and she end’s up living on base & having to deal with other officers’ wives.

June, 1966; it’s been what 10 months since Tomorrowland? It feels like the time gap is alot smaller that it’s been with past seasons. So much stuff is following directly on stuff that happened last season. Oh, and would Pete, a junior partner, have gotten stuch with a worse offfice than either Harry or Peggy in the first place? :dubious:

I thought Lane and Joan had a nice scene together. But yeah, everything seemed a little off. Perhaps that was intentional.

I have no idea what Don really wants in a woman, and he clearly doesn’t either. I feel sorry for Megan and don’t see her sticking around much longer.

I like that Megan is more assertive than Betty, although I think I would be annoyed if my boss’ wife just waltzed into a copywriter job for no other reason than she is the boss’ wife AND we all have to tiptoe around her cause she is the boss’ wife (at least, that was the impression I got with Peggy going out of her way to be polite to Megan).

I really enjoyed the Joan/Pryce scene. It’s so interesting seeing Joan realizing how much she actually enjoys working.

I laughed at the awkward baby-passing between Peggy and Pete. Also Peggy still has her sketchy boho journalist boyfriend.

There was a lot of set-up, but I didn’t find it to be poorly written. There are a lot of oncoming trainwrecks just waiting to happen - and we haven’t even seen what’s going on with Betty yet.

The episode felt jangly and discombobulated, but that’s okay. These people are in flux – everything’s changing. They don’t know how to relate to each other anymore. I loved the humor. Was there more than usual?

What was the music at the beginning? “Ebb tide”?

ETA: I loved Pryce meeting the guy with the wallet. I’m probably misinterpreting, but are we supposed to believe that the wallet photo was an old photo? The woman sounded young and enticing on the phone, but she’s probably one of those who goes outside in her bathrobe (thanks, Pete).

Yeah, IIRC everyone predicted having Mrs Draper work at SCDP would be a diaster last season. It’s even more awkward when you realize that Peggy is Don’s 2nd-in-command and technically Megan’s supervisor and we haven’t seen any evidence that Megan is even any good as a copywriter.

I thought the first half was “okay” but then it picked up steam for me after the party.

My wife commented how discordant everyone seemed and no one seemed to click but then Megan said about the same thing so I’m wondering if it wasn’t at least partially intentional.

Also: Pete’s rifle finding its way into a new home :smiley:

Yeah, and I dunno, stuff like coming in late with no reprecussions . . . no real junior copywriter could get away with that.

It does seem like none of the partners besides Pete actually works.

Oh, and I missed both the very first scene (I came in when the water balloons were being thrown) and the boardroom scene (where I think they are pitching to a client). If someone doesn’t mind, could you give me a quick recap? I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Oh, and why was Peggy’s party comment so awful? Was it just because she made Don feel crappy for making her work longer? And why did Megan flip out that Peggy failed to acknowledge that she was also working?

And naturely Don’s completely oblivious as to how crap that looks. :smack: Not that he’d care if he did realize it or be anything other than completely bewildred if Megan said something, which she won’t.