Mad-Men: 6.03 "The Collaborators" (open spoilers)

Jon Hamm’s directing tonight’s episode. Let 1968 begin.

No wonder Don is so fucked up. :frowning:

I want more Joan, please.

It just never works out for Pete.

Here, here. Three episodes in this season (counting the premiere as two episodes), and she’s had barely five minutes of screen-time, and about as many lines. Joan really needs to put that big fat f*** in his place.

I don’t remember who Herb is. Someone remind me.

I loved Roger’s line about “deft self-immolation.” Timely, too.

Herb is the head of the Jaguar dealers’ group, who was instrumental in getting them the account, but demanded a night with Joan as a bribe. He owns a dealership in Englewood, NJ.

Umm- she did, the “And you haven’t seen parts of your self in a while, either” was the best line of the episode. I am paraphrasing.

Herb is the guy that exchanged one night stand with Joan for the Jaguar contract and Joan’s partnership in SCDP.

Peggy was working on an ad for Clearasil. Wasn’t that one of Sterling Cooper’s accounts? Wasn’t it in fact one of Ken’s father’s businesses?

He’s a slime ball who broke the *one rule *Trudy set for him. It’s really sad considering for several seasons they were the only happily married couple and worked together in ways nobody else did. Trudy also has rich parents behind her; I’d love to see her file for divorce and take Pete for every penny he’s worth. He’ll have to do something much worse to get her to file though; like giving her VD or losing control and hitter her.

I don’t think this is the last we’ve seen of Herb. I wonder if he’ll try to pull another stunt like trying to fuck Joan. I was going to use a euphemism like “sleep with” or “get a night with”, but let’s call it what it was. You’d just know that Pete would be okay with it (& probally get beat up by Roger, Don, & Joan). It’s so much fun watching Pete get injured. :wink:

It was the first account Peggy worked on, and it was Pete’s father-in-law that gave them the account. It saved Pete’s job, and when the firm had to drop them due to a conflict Pete took great pleasure in telling his FiL.

A little off topic, but those AMC promos where they blend all their shows together (“A man… who has a secret… that will leave you guessing…”) makes me say “AMC: All our shows are pretty much the same” each time I see it.

I don’t actually believe that’s true, but that’s what the promo seems like it’s trying to tell me.

They’ve hinted at the parallel between Don and Pete before. But this episode is the first time they’ve made the parallel so explicitly obvious: when Don does it, it works. When Pete does the exact same thing… DISASTER! I loved it.

In wasn’t subtle tonight, that’s for sure. But Pete’s tried to be who he *thinks *Don is from his first moments in the office.

Exactly- almost (almost) makes feel sorry for the guy.

Which makes me wonder how New Pete (Bob, from Accounts) will turn out…

SCDP is already on its downslope, methinks. Crazy from two of their big accounts already, and Peggy’s firm whose name I can’t remember is going after their business. And will be bragging about it I’m sure.

Oh yeah… I got that he was a local Jaguar dealer, but I forgot the part about the night with Joan. Now it’s coming back to me… ewwwww.

Maybe Pete can get a job at the Jaguar dealership.

I can’t see why any woman WANTS to sleep with him. His moves on that blond neighbor in his apartment made me want to gag. (Of course, SHE didn’t need much to get her going.)

So correct about the parallels between Don and Pete, but Don has the background of being raised in a whorehouse. What’s Pete’s excuse for being a slimeball?

Is it my imagination or is Don looking just a teeny bit bloated, scruffy, and oily this season? Not a lot, and he is still the most gorgeous man on the set… but he doesn’t have that shiny, put-together, polished exterior that he did in the past. I’m just wondering if that’s a deliberate costume/makeup strategy to show or foreshadow his deterioration.

When Peggy was telling her boss about the beans/ketchup phone call, I was shouting, “Don’t tell him! That’s confidential!” It was so clear to me that that was a big mistake. Her underlings think she’s a cold bitch, but that’s just the way she’s acting as a boss, since she only knows how to imitate the bosses SHE’S had. In fact, she’s not an unprincipled cutthroat. Yet.

Speaking of, seriously, Peggy? Seriously? Did you just enter into the world of advertising a week ago?

She tells her boss “Hey, Big Client is unhappy and went to SCDP (the firm you seem to have an explicit rivalry with) but they can’t take the account. Ain’t that a corker?” and then goes to “Golly, you want US to go after the Big Client? But we can’t do that!”? What an idiot.

Roger’s smirk during Don’s “deft self-immolation” was classic. He could have had no lines this episode and that look would have earned his paycheck.

I was watching last night with distractions and need to rewatch, but could somebody please tell me if I’m right about the flashback scenes:

-Don/Dick and his pregnant stepmother go to her sister’s home, apparently having lost their own and his father apparently being newly dead or otherwise out of the picture
-Her sister lives in a brothel and her husband is the “resident manager” of said house
-Her husband wastes little time in bedding Don/Dick’s stepmother (or was that his wife he was crawling in bed with?)

As mentioned, twixt a phone call and other distractions I may have gotten it tangled, but it didn’t quite make sense.
He has mentioned his Uncle Mack before and said he actually liked him.

In one of the recaps of the episode, someone pointed out the inconsistency in the flashback scenes in this episode compared with previous ones. Here the young Dick Whitman looked about fourteen when meeting Uncle Mac for the first time, but earlier, he met him at the age of ten.

In an earlier episode, Dick’s father was kicked by a horse during a storm, and died as a result.