Mad-Men: 6.03 "The Collaborators" (open spoilers)

Though I was wondering why approaching Heinz Ketchup would be considered the result of insider info. Wouldn’t a company that big probably be getting hit up all the time by agencies wanting their business?

I wonder if it was the same actor playing Dick, who’s just naturally aged.

The neighbor woman clearly had an ulterior motive - she wanted out of her abusive marriage, and figured if she put out for Pete then she could extort him into helping her leave. I think she expected that Pete would be such a weaselly coward that he would put her up in his Manhattan apartment or something rather than risk her telling Trudy everything. She seemed to be hinting at as much when Trudy left the room for an ice pack. Of course it was a major miscalculation on her part.
Okay, maybe I’m a complete idiot but how did Megan know she had had a miscarriage without seeing a doctor? (Don explicitly asks her if she saw a doctor and she shakes her head no.) She was six weeks along, so it’s not like she could have…well, discharged anything recognizable as a fetus. I have one female friend who once described to me her experience miscarrying and she said she didn’t even know she was pregnant until she went to the E.R. with severe cramps.

I could have sworn she said yes about seeing a doctor.

Young Dick Whitman looked like a dork.

I thought she did too.

Did anybody else think the doctor was going to walk in on Don and his wife? I think the danger aspect with Megan and the husband is one of Don’s major turn ons with this one.

It’s not that it was “insider” information…it’s that Peggy’s friend told her in an unguarded conversation and didn’t expect her to turn around and immediately use the info for gain. It was friend-to-friend work gossip.

Megan did say yes she saw a doctor.

Young Dick definitely = dork. But I’m sure he got an education there. Yes, Uncle Mack was fucking Dick’s pregnant mom.

He’s the rooster, dontcha know.

So apparently at some point Mack left his wife for her sister, and entered a new line of work.

I’ve known several women through the years who’ve described having a miscarriage and it’s way TMI for me to talk about here. Let’s just say one of the manifestations can be what they thought was their period at the wrong time, only it wasn’t.

I thought it was a really good episode except for the flashbacks. I’ve never been that interested in the “origins of Dick Whitman” aspect of the show, so I haven’t cared for a lot of the flashbacks they’ve done to that period (except maybe the one where we saw Dick’s father get killed).

Everything with Pete was great, and I found it rather heartbreaking to see Megan pouring her heart out to the woman who’s currently schtupping her husband. It’s one of those scenes that works because the audience knows something that one of the characters doesn’t.

That was not Dick’s pregnant Mom, but his step-mom, who was carrying his half brother Adam. Don’s real mother had died in childbirth. I know it makes no nevermind, she was still his mother figure, but she was technically his step-mother.

I’m surprised Pete screwed up so badly so soon after getting his little bachelor pad, I thought it would take longer. I wonder what Trudie’s new rules are going to be - is he banished to the city apartment and allowed home in the 'burbs only for special occasions, now? And did the abused woman tell her about the affair, or did she just put two and two together?

That the husband yelling “she’s your problem now, Campbell” as she rushed into his house may have been a tip off as well. Obviously Trudy knew he was a philanderer already, so it wasn’t hard to piece it together. I think she was more angry that he was indiscreet and made her a laughing stock or object of pity in her own neighborhood than over the affair itself.

Yes, of course she was more angry about that-- she explicitly said so. They’re relationship seems the most unreal to me in the show. It seems too contrived.

Still, I really liked this episode although not as good as the first one this season. The whole thing with the doctor getting called away is nice once, but is it going to happen every episode now? Meagan is too weak for Don. She’s just not going to last.

Even worse when Mrs. Doctor started moralizing at Megan for even considering abortion to be an option. Even if you disagree with abortion, I don’t think that was the time or place (and it’s not as though Megan needed to be talked out of it now so the point was moot).

I’m guessing a little from Column A, a little from Column B. Trudy probably knew but was still in the plausible denial frame of mind. She gave Pete the chance to take her to the hotel and preserve that balance. Pete, foolishly, turned it down and Trudy said she’d take her instead. Pete immediately realized what he’d done and tried to correct it but it was too late.

I think, had Pete taken her, Trudy could have convinced herself to stay in the “Sure, probably but you don’t know for sure so maybe not” mindset. It would have been one more step towards the scales tilted completely out of balance but not the leap that it became.

I’m not sure the blonde did it as an escape from her marriage but I don’t have any real evidence to argue otherwise. I saw the husbands trying to nail Trudy and Pete trying to nail the wives and one of them deciding to play along with the New World Order that included shows like “Hair”. What sounded like a good idea at the time turned out to be a mistake and she confessed or was otherwise found out. Again, that’s just how I read it. I don’t think Mrs. Blonde is going to show up again anyway; she did her part for the story.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I was replying to the post above mine which wondered how Trudie found it out: Was she told or if she put two and two together. I was saying that she realistically didn’t need to put too much together since she knew he ulled these stunts and her anger wan’t because he had the affair, but because he was indiscreet about it.

I think she put two and two together. Pete’s not exactly the hardest guy in the world to read, and Trudy’s a bright person.

Roger’s look was the highlight for me as well! I think that Don’s “support” speech should have ended there for dramatic tension- as the Jaguar guys got it already.

My opinion about the Peggy situation (that many here have commented on) is that Stan(?), her friend still at SDCP, is playing Peggy. He knows that SDCP can’t take the account and he is floating it to Peggy in the hopes that it will benefit her and subsequently him later if he needs a new job or if he just needs a favor or even if he has a crush on Peggy. He knows that Peggy and Heinz Baked Beans didn’t get along so she should go hand in hand with someone else Heinz Baked Beans doesn’t like.

I utterly agree. Knowing Pete as well as she does, it didn’t take much to figure it out. Especially with the “across the street’s” husband yelling that she was Pete’s problem now.

Can someone refresh me on what the trigger was for Trudy allowing Pete to get an apartment in the city? I recall her emphatic no when he first brought it up but can’t remember what changed her mind.

So much could have been avoided if Trudy had simply been explicit in the rules instead of assuming Pete understood the lay of the land. Screw nobody from town and make sure I never hear about it.

So, really, it is Trudy’s fault that Pete is such a cad.
(No, not serious)

They’re saying “all our shows are the same kind of wonderful,” so you’re getting it exactly. Their ad department is smiling.

I was surprised by Peggy’s moralizing as well. At best, she’s clinging to Stan as the one link she had to happier times and she doesn’t want to smash that by betraying him.

Unfortunately, there’s nowhere to take the characters except to smash them. “We’re losing the war.” Poor Dr. Rosen is going to get smashed as collateral damage.