Mad-Men: 5.13 "Phantom" (open spoilers)

Season finale tonight, then no more Mad Men for 9-18 months. I wonder how bad the aftermath of Lane’s suicide will be; assuming we see it at all.

After all the bombshells the last two episodes, I wonder if the season finale will be fairly anti-climatic.

From the last week’s previews it seems like Don will be talking to Rebecca Pryce about Lane’s death.

Don has a bad toothache. Let the countdown to his massive heart attack begin. Ten, nine, eight…

Nah, it’ll happen in the last ten minutes.

Man, Pete really can’t fight, can he?

It’s hard to smile with a split lip.

Ha, I made the same joke during the show. Then he smoked that night and I downgraded it to a painful case of dry socket.

Well, I was right about the season ending on a high note for SCDP. And Pete needs to never get in another fight again.

I was… hoping the “brief nudity” would have just been some more Rory Gilmour side boob but… erm… yeah.

Ha! The nudity warning was for Roger’s ass! I was not expecting that. Made me giggle.

Don is up to his old hijinks. Roger is up to his old hijinks (on LSD). Pete is getting punched in the face, repeatedly. Damn, this season did end on a high note.

Also, I totally thought that Roger was going to have the heartattack… on top of Don’s mother-in-law.

It occurs to me that back in the first episode, Don tells Pete that he’s going to die a mid-level account executive in a little corner office.

Tonight, Pete of course made a point of telling Don that his new office would have the same view as Don’s.

Were there any scene changes that weren’t doors opening or closing?

Seems like the whole show and this episode in particular is an example of the grass is always greener, be careful what you wish for, one door opens and another closes, etc., etc. Cool. :slight_smile:

Call me shallow, but Don should have taken Megan with him to the dentist. If anything’s going to keep her from stardom, it’s those teeth. And that was “Sleeping Beauty”? Her outfoot looked more like something worn in a German beer hall on polka night.

Megan’s mom is great. She’s the only one who can just brush Don off.

Was that Megan’s friend in the bar at the end?

It was Beauty and the Beast.

Megan looked prettier in the black and white screen test than she does in color.

Funny how quickly the insurance guy figured out that it was Pete who was screwing his wife.
Yeah, I felt a bit sorry for him (Pete) when he tells his “friend’s” story to Beth, but I still
enjoyed it more seeing him fail at trying to join Fight Club again.

So does Peggy come up with the Virginia Slims brand name? That should be a decent size feather if she does.

“You’ve come a long way, baby” was coined in 1969 so maybe next season.

I wonder if her comment about being owed more than the 50K will come into play next season. It kinda sounded like a threat. Apparently nobody other than Don knows Lane was embezzaling funds, and there was no mention about the 50K be borrowed from Chemical Bank either.

This was a good end to this season. Hopefully Peggy won’t be written off next season. It certainly seems like her new job is going well for her. I did like the buildup from how excited she was to go on her first business trip (& first flight), then showing her in a nice hotel room, that’s on the ground floor and has dogs fucking outside it. I wonder if Don will try hiring another female copywriter, if only for situtions like Topaz. Good god, just imagine Rizzo & Ginsberg trying to come up with an ad for tampons! :eek:

As satisfying as it was to see Pete beaten up by his fling’s husband and then thrown off the train by some he views as a menial; Trudy’s a bitch and I’ll be happy to see this marriage break down.

Do y’all think Beth really didn’t remember/recognize Pete, or that she was pretending not to?

I think she was pretending.

Also, what about the little parting speech Lane’s wife made to Don as she ushered him out the door? I listened to it twice and even had the captions on, but I didn’t quite follow. Something about the $50K and “Lane’s money”? Was she saying that Lane had more money than that and that she didn’t need it? (The snapshot of that girl in his wallet sure came home to roost.)

I was kinda hoping the last scene would be Peggy going all Draper on the Virginia Slims pitch, mimicking the pitch in the first episode. And was I the only thinking “The planes gonna crash” when she talked about flying to Virginia to see the pitch?

Also, my kingdom to whoever can get me a hi-res picture of the partners in front of the window of their new office. I need a new wallpaper.

How about this one? Where’s my kingdom? :smiley:

Here ya go:

So, tell me about my new kingdom. :cool:

UPDATE: Aw, rats, that’s not hi-res, is it?