Mad Men 2.12: The Mountain King, 10/19/08 (open spoilers)

Well, the old friend is the real Draper’s widow.

Joan’s fiance is a piece of work.

Go Peggy!

What an episode!

I didn’t get that whole rape scene. Was it real, or was it Joan’s never-happened fantasy, like Betty’s fantasy with the door-to-door salesman from last season?

To me it was her fiance’s way of asserting his dominance over her at her workplace after he felt that Roger “knew” too much.

Seemed real to me, though I never considered the other possibility.

The look on her face sure didn’t make it seem like a fantasy.

Peggy, you go girl! She just walked up to Sterling and asked for Freddy’s old office. I like this assertive her. Even Sterling was impressed with her. Not only that but she’s next door to Don and it’s bigger than the one Harry shares. :eek: Pete and Joan are the only ones who seemed truly happy for her. Then again Pete already has his own office, Joan never expected one, and the trio are just pissed that none of them had the balls to just ask Sterling for one.:slight_smile:

Joan getting raped by her fiance was chilling. Not just because she zoned out and focused on the furnitature, but in '62 no one would even call it rape. Not even her. She’s trapped. She consigned to marry that asshole rather than endure the humiliation of a failed engagement. She’s just as constrained by gender roles as Betty. I knew things would get worse when he freaked out about her being on top.

So Anna Draper’s husband “cut all contact” with her; she spent years tracking him down, and after she met man posing as him she gave and moved out west.:dubious: It was weird seeing Don having a platonic relationship with a woman.

Great episode.

Don’t you absolutely adore Anna? God, she’s a refreshing character. It’s easy to see why Don is drawn to her.

We need to know what happened to Don between 1952 (?) and 1960 – what changed him so much? Was it just the rat race?

I think Joan is wistful about Peggy’s success- she had a taste of it when she was reading scripts, and felt deflated when they hired a less competent man in her place. She looks at Peggy achieving something of her own while she is trapped in this demeaning relationship. Worse thing, she probably has no idea what makes her feel so unfulfilled.

Such a good episode!

Just watched the scene again in the rerun, and my money is on fantasy, not real.

Her fiance is Mr. Straightlaced, and she misses the naughty days of screwing on the office furniture with assertive men who desired her and would not take no for an answer. That’s my take, at least.

I was impressed by Jon Hamm’s acting this episode. He really looks different when he’s playing Dick Whitman-- his face is more open and vulnerable, and he looks more innocent and goofy. Don is so smooth and hard. Really shows Hamm’s range as an actor.

I feel terrible for Joan. I wish there was a way for her to get out of that engagement. Is it wrong that I hope somehow she and Roger wind up together? I hope her fiance doesn’t escalate to hitting her. Not that rape isn’t bad enough.

I agree that Anna Draper is awesome. She’s Don’s best (and only) friend, the one person in the world that knows all his secrets, and with whom he can be his real self. Interestingly, he has no sexual attraction to her. It’s nice to know that Don is taking care of her. It makes sense, though, that he’d have to divorce her to marry Betty, so this explains how he did that without committing bigamy.

What is Betty’s game anyway? Why did she manipulate Sarabeth into sleeping with Arthur? Between that and her disciplinary methods with Sally, she’s really turning into an ugly person.

Nice to see Peggy succeeding. Loved her joke to Pete about sleeping with Don. Wonder if they’re setting up Pete to get divorced. Things with Trudy are not going well, but I was actually sort of proud of Pete for standing up to his father-in-law. Not that I agree with him about adoption, but it is his and Trudy’s marriage, and his mother and her father need to mind their own damn business.

I loved that Popsicle ad.

That woman – she reminds me of someone.

The circle in the Popsicle logo forming a halo was a nice touch.

It also leaves Anna free to remarry. For a second I thought she was joking, but it makes sense that they’d do that. If Anna’s going to let Dick assume Don’s identity, they might as well be thorough about it.

Anyone care to speculate about the hot rodders? And what about Anna’s comment that something reminded her of New York?

It was that Frank O’Hara book of poems, Meditations in an Emergency. Now we know who Don was sending that to, way back.

Which means that Anna’s spent some time in New York. I’m fanwanking, but that comment makes me think that maybe Anna had New York connections and helped Don get started there, or that Anna visited Don after he moved to New York.

There’s enough material (I think) in Anna and Don’s relationship to continue with it in S3.

I feel like a moron.
Wow. Peggy’s brilliant.
No, not a fantasy. Her fiance raped her in Don’s office.

What a great episode!
Betty was so evil to [that woman, I forget her name]!

What was Joan looking at on that coffee table?

Also, what did Anna say was wrong with her legs? I missed that…

Huh. And here I thought it was the Last Supper. I did wonder about the female, though. I guess being brought up as an occasional Lutheran didn’t afford me those images, though, unlike Catholic Peggy.

I’m not sure what Joan was looking at during the rape. My guess is that she was trying to focus on anything else except what was happening to her. Maybe she was also thinking of better times with Roger.

Great episode. I agree Hamm’s acting as Dick Whitman is excellent. He seemed so happy in California, it’s too bad he didn’t stay there.

Joan was just looking away, not looking at anything. The perspective of looking up at the coffee table in the distance, with your head basically under a chair at rug level, is very humiliating. It plays up how this strong woman in the office is forced into playing the submissive role by someone whose dominance over her has been challenged. She wants to be the dominant one- I was surprised how turned off he was when she tried to cowgirl him the night before. It was like she suggested she bugger him with a strap-on, or something.

I agree with the Don/Dick dichotomy. Don always looks like he has a splitting headache, but Dick is so happy-go-lucky in CA. Wonder what will happen to him when (if?) he gets back to New York.

He has to come back to New York. It makes no sense to have a show based on ad men set in NYC with Don as the lead and have him be off in CA.

Betty’s messing with Sarah Beth makes me think of a nasty, nasty sorority girl who’s out to destroy a rival’s reputation just because she can.

I wonder if Roger is just humoring Peggy cuz who cares? They’re going to merge with the Brits and he’ll make his riches and it won’t matter that he gave Peggy an office. It think he thinks she’s precious, not deserving.

I actually didn’t like John Hamm’s take on Dick Whitman. He seemed too… I don’t know… trite? when talking about Betty with Anna. I didn’t buy it. But maybe I should read it as genuine surprise that Dick would never be able to get Betty, but Don would. Interesting how he tires of getting any woman he wants eventually. Interesting how he gets what he thinks is the pinnacle - Betty - and eventually comes to resent her. He seems to respond well to women who aren’t trying to get manipulate him and are straight forward in what they want.

Oh, and Joan was raped. That was her checking out - remember how suddenly you could hear the traffic outside? - to get through it. Her eyes didn’t light up and being taken, they went dull and empty.

You get the feeling there are more kinds of women than men in the Mad Men world - or at least, that some of them (ie: Don’s playtoys) have some freedom from society’s pressure cooker. None of the men do, really. Whats’isface, the boho with the beard, acts like he does, but you can tell it’s an act. They all have to play a Role.