Mad Men-Did Don Draper's daughter get to see the Beatles?

I have only been a bit of a fan of MM for about 1 or 2 months, and have only been watching it at work while a friend of mine uses his Netflix, and the scheduling, for us, is kind of erratic.
At any rate, I saw where DD had been delivered tickets to a Beatles concert. IIRC, the show ended without a resolution in re: the Beatles-there was some drama that was about to decimate the team, and Don was running all around doing…who knows what.
So, was there a follow up to whether the girl got to see the Beatles, or was it just in limbo?
I just got my own Netflix account, but, I don’t want to go running all over trying to find an episode that may not exist.


She presumably did (since Don got the tickets as I recall) but it’s not referenced again.

I always felt they should have had a short scene at the stadium in that episode.

Thanks, guys!

Agree, An Gadai!