MAD MEN fans: let's talk about real TV commercials Don or Peggy would have written.

There’s aniPad commercialcurrently running in which the unseen narrator quotes Walt Whitman while extolling his products virtues. Watching to it, I always think: “Poetic. Lyrical. Overwritten. Dying to win a Clio. What was the product again? Never mind, who cares? This is exactly the kind of thing that Don Draper, assuming he is not rotting in Hell as he so richly deserves, would write.”

Contrariwise, I can easily imagine Peggy Olsen scripting this AT&T wireless commercial starring the realistically pretty brunette. The RPB’s demeanor and restrained weariness with the male customer are quite reminiscent of Peggy’s, and I can easily imagine Ms. Olsen, fed up with her bosses’ latest round of condescension, coming up with this ad because she was visualizing herself in the RPB’s place.

Which brings us to the thread question: what actual TV commercials can you imagine Don or Peggy coming up with, and why?

The entire Mastercard “Priceless” campaign is pure Draper.

Ketel One Vodka looks like one of Don’s.

What he wouldn’t do is let that Dewers “Get Serious/Angus” ad on the air with the terrible fake scottish accent by Claire Forlani.