Madden NFL 07: Happy Maddenoliday!

OK, so we’re a few hours away from the official release of Madden NFL 07, so I figure it’s time to start a discussion thread.

Anyone getting it tomorrow? I’m waiting until I read a review of the XBox version, and even then I’m ordering it from Amazon (to take advantage of my gift certificate) and so I’ll be waiting to get it.

My son came through the door a half hour ago with a copy in hand. I can hear the game sounds emanating from his room, probably for the rest of the night.

Sorry, I’m too busy mourning Shaun Alexander. He was such a good player…

Hmm, I was a fan of the “other” NFL game. I think exclusive licenses lead to mediocrity due to the lack of competition, but I’m not going to whine about it, that’s how things work out.

I got my copy right here. Unfortunately “right here” is my desk at work. I’ll have to wait until I get home to try it out. I do however feel a little cold coming on. Nothing serious, but I’ll probably have to stay home tomorrow just in case. :wink:

IGN’s reviews are all in the 8.3-8.6 range, which indicates to me that EA’s check didn’t clear before press time.

Gamespot’s reviews won’t be up until later tonight. 1UP/EGM hasn’t posted one yet either.

Fatigue doesn’t work in several of the modes…so feel free to run Vick on that QB keeper 45 times a game

I still play NFL 2K5. It had some problems (I can consistently spring an outside run for 35-40 yards) but the game speed and player models feel more authentic.

TeamXbox gave Madden 07 an 8.7 and an Editors’ Choice, which is the best review I’ve seen (other than the USA Today review, which I’m discounting because they don’t normally review games.)

I decided to buy the game for PC (the last console I owned was the Sega Genesis, which, ironically, was the last version of Madden I owned) yesterday, and it’s taking me a bit to get used to how to execute all the moves and such. I’m used to doing mostly 1st person shooter games, so I’ll probably take a while to get good. I’m learning though. Doesn’t seem too bad, but the graphics on the PC are not up to the level of the screenshots I’ve seen online from some of the other platforms.

Can anyone please explain quite why people buy the new Madden each year? Is the compositions of team lineups that important? If some top player is out with injuries for a year do they dissapear from the next Madden release?
I’m sure there are minor improvements each year, but are they really significant to play enjoyment?

Bippy, if you want to play online (and that’s all I played in my Madden days), you have to get the update each year. They cut off access for the old iterations.

That said, I’ve expressed my profound disappointment with EA Sports and Madden football in the past, and I won’t be picking up '07 anytime soon. We were on the verge of greatness (from both titles) when there was competition from the NFL 2K series. Since EA acquired the exclusive license from the NFL they’ve just stopped trying, especially with regards to the online component.

Now it’s become abundantly clear that their products are rushed to market with minimal testing, as evidenced by the fatigue bug. I’ll wait for something better to come along from the competition, even if it mean playing with the Dallas Mustangs or something.

To those who have it; have you noticed that the AI’s blocking seems to be better than in 06? The quasi-first person view in the Hall of Fame mode takes a little getting used to too. Over all I think it’s a bit better, but I haven’t spent too much time playing with all the new features.

It would be around this time that 2K7 would be released…

How great it would’ve been…

What a scam… I can understand the newer versions being better online, and with more available players, perhapse with serious leagues and competitions only available with the latest version. But if they disable online playing with older versions that rubs me up the wrong way entirely.

That would mean they have to add that stuff to the latest version. Anyone remember the disaster that was Madden 2005 Online (brought to you by Dodge)? They made it clear that even if they wanted to try and support online leagues, they didn’t have the time, talent, or creative muscle to pull it off. You can read my experience with it here.

In '06 and '07 they just didn’t bother. And hence they have to cut off the old versions when the time comes, because the new ones don’t offer that much extra as far as the core game is concerned.