"Made in USA" UL

I’ve heard stories over the years that some stuff that is stamped “Made in USA” is actually made in the Japanese city of Usa.

I’ve never believed them, but I wonder: Is there any indication that a Japanese city of Usa actually exists?

Yes, there is a town in Japan (on the island of Kyushu, if I’m not mistaken), named Usa. However, there is no evidence that it was named that for that purpose, “Usa” is not a particularly strange name for a Japanese town to have. Anyway, even if they did try to pull that off, any product manufactured there would still have to say “Made in Japan” somewhere on it, or they probably wouldn’t be able to get it through customs.

Please oh please tell me where you found that. I have been driving myself close to insane with search engines, that idiot Jeeves, etc.

Please please please please please???

Didja check an atlas on Japan?

I’m going home now. I need rest. Lots and lots of rest. And beer. Lots and lots of beer.

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