MADopers: July 11th Dopefest, Dupont Circle at 8:00 PM

Is anyone else up for a Dopefest on Monday the 11th of July at 8:00 PM at City Lights of China, which is in the Dupont Circle neighborhood in D.C.? Earl Snake-Hips Tucker is in town that week and wants to eat at a good Chinese restaurant. I suggested this time and place that we could meet him. I’m willing to negociate the time, although it will mean that I might be late for this.

Put me and Agent Foxtrot down as probables. I’m not crazy 'bout Chinese food, but for Dopers I will make any sacrifice.


I’m bumping this since it’s Monday morning now.

I’ll be there, like it or not.

I apologize, Earl Snake-Hips Tucker. It looks like this isn’t going to come off. Except for me and three maybes, no one replied to this thread. It looks like I won’t be able to make it either.