Mag Door Lock

I know conventional mag locks take 1200 pounds of force to open.

Questions is: could one realistically exert 1200 pounds of force to open a mag lock?

Or am I better off sparing my hand from exerting that kind of force? Like, what would happen to my hand if I tried pulling on the door with 1200 pounds of force?

I’d wonder if the door handle could survive that much force. I’d suspect it could. I’ve always figured it would be easy enough to hook a chain to it attach the other end to a car/truck or a come along. Even using a car jack against the building to pull the chain should have more then enough force to pop the door. Your hand, probably not.

Haven’t you ever lifted weights?
I do rows with 80 lbs, and I need wrist straps to help my grip.
I seriously doubt that you could hold onto 600 lbs. with each hand, unless you have trained for it.

And that’s with, what, a one inch diameter tube. This would be a commercial door pull, so all the weight would be on your middle knuckles and one arm turned backwards. You’d almost have to get both feet up on the wall just to get your shoulders straight so it’s more like lifting then pulling.

Lifting weights involves vertical movement.

Opening a door involves horizontal movement.

And which do you think is easier?
Your average weightlifter can lift a hell of a lot more weight as a deadlift then he can as a row.

That would make it harder since you’re more limited by your own body weight.

Think about it this way. Lifting something off the ground is (more or less) determined only by your strength. When pulling something down, there’s a point at which you’re going to pull yourself up off the ground.
Pulling a door open is going to be a combination of the two since it combines both vectors. Strength is involved, but at a certain point, you’re just going to pull yourself towards the door. That’s why I mentioned putting your feet up on the building and trying to turn it more into a lift. It’ll also square your shoulders so one arm isn’t turned backwards.

This, I think, is relevant, from wiki

I’d be surprised if these men could pull more weight towards them, then they could off the ground. FTR, I don’t mean, dragging the same weight across the floor, I mean, if they were to attach a spring weight to the wall, I don’t think they could make it read 1200 pounds by pulling it with their hands. But I could be wrong.

I can’t find any world records for weight on a rowing machine. I can find plenty of people pulling planes, but I’m not finding a weight gauges to see how much weight they’re actually pulling.

What about with a lever or crowbar?

If you need answer now…

Suction cups and a glass cutter is the usual way for cat burglars. :wink:

Sounds like a job for Pat Robertson.

What’s the max weight of rowing machines?

An African or European rowing machine?

If you could, then it wouldn’t be much of a lock, would it?

You have two choices if the door opens away from you. Crowbar and battering ram. Both of which should be able to get you enough leverage/impact to get past 1200 pounds, though maybe not on the first try.

If the door opens towards you, you’re relying on the strength of the door handle. I’d figure on the handle breaking long before the lock comes loose.

I don’t know.

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Manually - no - “Sparing your hands” is beside the point you cannot generate that much horizontal force on a door handle pulling it towards you. It is well beyond human physical capacity. Just a speculation I would guess 1200 lbs of force might actually be enough to actually to pull your hands off your wrist unless you are very powerfully built.

With leverage tools perhaps but at that point you’re probably going to be bending and damaging the door frame with your efforts.

I’m a large and strong individual and I’ve tried to force magnetic locks just for the hell of it. I can feel the entire handle and frame move as I pulled. I think the handles or hinges would fail would fail well before the magnetic coupling.