magellan01 - epitome of racist Republican


I only see one person in this thread posting racist statements, and it’s the OP, not magellan01.

This is a refreshing change from magellan01’s anti-gay bigotry, at least. Well, to an extent, but it’s still all pretty sad.

I’m sure some of his best friends are gay blacks, right?

I disagree, especially since the idea that tighter immigration policies amount to racism is your premise, not magellan’s.

Fair point. In any event I would have said that the thread title is a bit misleading. magellan has espoused racist views (in the past, even if not here) but he’s hardly the epitome of a racist Republican.

So you’re saying that it’s SOP for politics, and that’s the reason it’s not objectionable?

Good god man, are you at all familiar with politics?

And on a less snarky note, it really is reasonable to object to claims that black people are brainwashed, or the way they vote is unnatural. You used the word “objectionable”, not “offensive”. I certainly find those claims objectionable.

Are you saying you don’t object to those claims?

My memory vaguely associates magellan01 with red-neck right-wing attitudes but I’m not sure there’s clear evidence of racism here. He does think 95% of Blacks vote Demo “because they’ve been brain-washed” rather than because they’re intelligent enough to form their own opinions. To test whether that is “racist” I’ll pose a counter-question to magellan01:
95% of racist rural who think science is fraud vote Republican. Is that because they’ve been brainwashed? Or, unlike the Blacks, is it because they’re intelligently voting their self-interest?

I’ll bet you didn’t vote for Gore or Kerry though. What do I win? :smiley:

At this point, I’m not interested in political opinions from “conservatives” unless they’re sentient enough to acknowledge what a travesty the present GOP has become. It would be instructive, both for us and for them, if “conservatives” (whether they “never voted for Bush” or not) would peruse the SRIOTD thread and comment on GOP “thinking.”

Perhaps I’m the racist. I can’t fathom that less than 95% of whites vote Democratic.

but tar baby? Really? That makes me cringe.

I’ve spent a LOT of time arguing with Magellan (mostly about gay marriage), and while I don’t agree with any of his statements as quoted by the OP, I also don’t see them as being more than very minorly racist.

For instance:

He’s a Republican (or possibly a Republican-leaning independent). Therefore, it makes sense that he thinks that Republican policies are better ones. Therefore he likely thinks that Republican policies are better for “brown people” (even if in a roundabout tough love kind of way). Therefore, in his worldview, “brown people” SHOULD vote for Republicans because that’s the rational thing to do. Nothing racist so far.

At the same time, he notes that black voters in fact vote overwhelmingly for Democratic candidates. And he believes that this is largely due to successful propaganda/disinformation campaigns from the Democrats, many of them directed at painting the Republicans as anti-black. (And in fact I think it’s pretty inarguable that Democrats, both public figures and those of us here on the dope, do in fact describe the Republican party as anti-black, although most of the time when we do so we honestly believe we are telling the truth.)

Now, I disagree with basically every one of his premises and every one of his conclusions. But I don’t see RACISM there, aside from the so-generic-it’s-meaningless “well, he’s grouping people by skin color, that’s racism” which you run into the moment you even TALK about race and politics. The only hint of it I can find is something like “well, he thinks blacks were brainwashed, only someone who is dumb could be brainwashed, therefore he thinks blacks are dumb”. Which is pretty tenuous, particularly given that it’s just the inverse of an argument made all the time about lower-income white voters who vote Republican despite the (to the left) clear and inarguable way that doing so hurts their own interests.
None of which is to say that Magellan ISN’T racist, I suppose, but I see scanty evidence for it in the OP. Certainly nothing to earn him the somewhat grandiose title of “epitome of racist Republican”.

Yeah,if that’s the “epitome” of Republican racism, the Republicans are actually doing pretty well on racism.

Sounds to me more like the “Macaca” style, were the sources and crowd they rely on can pass a lot of racist stuff and **magellan01 **does not think about how odd that info is.

More recently he has reported that our resident scientific racists like Chen019 and Chief Pedant make great points. Still clueless about who is a good source and who is a good one.

I can’t even get past this part.

I dunno if you’re just talking about the OP or in general, but he seems to be a staple of “scientific racism” threads in GD. You know, threads that start with “Given that it’s well known that The Blacks are genetically superior at sports, it naturally follows that it’s possible that they’re genetically mentally defective too. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’ is all.” and never move beyond that. I MIGHT be confusing him with Chen01 or whatever his name is, but I’m pretty sure that Chen01 starts the threads and then magellan01 chimes in later. And when I say “starts the threads” I also mean “derails any and every thread about a thing happening in Africa to be about how The Blacks are genetically inferior and incapable of doing anything right.”

I’ve stopped paying any attention to those threads because they’re always exactly the same (and depend on people assuming that the racists are arguing in good faith, which always happens). I’ll be damned if I’m going to bother spending the time to look for those threads to see if he shows up with any regularity though, so maybe I’m completely off base but going by “The Blacks are unnaturally cultish in their love of the Dems” I’d say I’m pretty safe.

More than being a racist or a homophobe, he’s the epitome of a guy who holds some really nasty views and tries to avoid criticism by playing innocent and refusing to see the forest for the trees. If you try to explain any of this to him, be warned that rather than dealing with the argument he’ll try to nitpick you to death until you get bored and give up - and that in subsequent discussions he’ll never acknowledge any of it, and will ask you (or someone else) to patiently start at the beginning all over again. He never tires of making people slowly explain things for him so he can ignore everything they say.

This. He’s exceptionally talented at JAQing off.

And that’s how some people think you win an argument: play dumb until your opponent is frustrated into leaving.

For a guy who sailed around the world, magellan has remarkably short vision.

Wow, what a dumbshit.

It is also noticeable when he supported nativists that tried to pass as environmentalists. There is a nasty effort that was more active in the recent past at making a wedge issue between immigrants and environmentalists, to find another “scientific” reason to refuse their entry in the USA. Groups like the SPLC are not fooled:

But magellion01 was fooled and is as I saw in a few threads. When I look at his continued support of scientific racists like Chen019 and brazil84 and they and he shows also in environmental issues that affect immigrants, the common denominator is just a dislike of minorities.

Others try to win by screaming ‘racist!’ when they run into an opponent who doesn’t roll over.


Nah, you are ignoring that they dumbly deny that their racist sources are that, it is part of the whole JAQ package. I would not be surprised that in real life they are more friendly fellows; but like I said, they are the kind of person that is oblivious to what they are absorbing and so they are more likely to encounter a “Macaca” moment that will end their political or regular careers.