magellan01 - epitome of racist Republican

Because you’d think that giving those poor black people the opportunity to protect their precious minimum wage shithole jobs and poverty-ridden lifestyle from the uppity Mexicans would be enough to win their votes. It seems to work for winning a lot of poor white votes. I wonder what the difference is?

Those silly, easily manipulated niggers don’t trust us; I wonder why?

We don’t have to expend much effort.

You are a shining example of an accidental, completely oblivious racist Republican. The fact that you can look at the fact that blacks and Hispanics are not voting Republican and blame it on the devious lies of the Democrats is jaw-dropping. Which is it; Democrats are smarter than everyone else, or are they just smarter than the darkies?

Maybe you can show all the black people how they’ve been duped? You mention the fact that they’re going to lose all their low-skilled jobs to Mexicans. Maybe go find a black person and explain to him or her that your contribution to his or her culture is that you intend to keep that service-level, minimum wage job out of the hands of Hispanics, so that he or she can continue to live in poverty serving hamburgers to those more fortunate. I’m sure that’ll win you some votes.

I agree with this pitting.

Magellan01 brings to mind my mother, a wonderful Christian woman*, who would talk about how the negroes had problems being lazy and stupid and there was nothing to be done about how God made them. It was the duty of good white people to make sure they didn’t go astray and to tell them what to do. But she attested she wasn’t racist, no sir.

I mean this seriously; my mother is one of the most generous, loving, and Christian people I have ever met. Over the years she has backed off her original opinions and understands that her attitude is unfair and that African Americans have been at the short end of the social stick for going on 10 generations now.

In related news, Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

And, ironically enough, Hispanic.

Oh, poor you. You couldn’t address what I asked with substance in the other thread, so you jump over here so you got spew your ignorant nonsense. So, invite you to address the questions I asked in the other thread with something of substance. If you have the ability. If not, I’ll leave you hear to hurl insults, indirectly admitting that you you don’t have the tools to debate the substance.

I’ll throw you a couple of bones though:

  1. low wage jobs are valuable if they are the only ones you currently qualify for.

  2. Can you point to another racial group that votes as a block of 95%. That’s unnatural. Thought has been suspended. A good part of the reason is the same tactics you use here. No analysis, just hum to conclusions that feel good to your biases. Rock on with your bad self, bro.

  3. I’m not a Republican, although I did vote for Romney. Never voted for Bush, though.

  4. The unfortunate plight of uneducated Blacks is due to jus that: lack of education. Which is why I favor Charter Schools. As many, maybe even most Blacks do. In the meantime the more low wage jobs there are for those who don’t qualify for anything else benefit greatly when they’re are more jobs than people to take them. Allowing people to come here illegally and flood that market, artificially lowering the wages in the process, is a disgusting disservice to that segment of our population who already have it so hard. Evidently you disagree. Yet you think I’m the one that has no appreciation for the plight of Blacks, or repeat for the tough situation many of them are in. Now I could call you plenty of names here, sand based on your gross ignorance and knee jerking it would be fun to play with, but I’d rather leave you with the questions and let you try to either stutter your way through them or advertise your weakness and sputter more ignorant nonsense.

See you in that other thread, friend. Should you find a backbone someplace.

I have nothing positive to say re: magellan’s views, but this part filled me with mirth.

Yeah! What’s the matter with Kansas again? Those dumb hicks done got tricked.

Do you also wear shirts with a bullseye on the back?

That’s right. Black people can’t be trusted that they make political decisions based on decent judgment – there has to be something wrong with them. It can’t actually be that most black people have decided that the Democratic party best represents their interests, or that the Republican party is working against their interests; it has to be that something is wrong with black people.

Yeah, what the hell is wrong with people who refuse to vote for the party that actively hates them?

Exactly, the block voting thing would seem weird if there were a bunch of parties, but there are only 2 and 1 is incredibly prejudiced against them. It would be weird if they didn’t vote as a block.

What’s really weird is the 5% who vote Republican.

I’ve not read the other thread. So while I think the reality of black support for Democrats is more complex than evidenced from the specific quotes in the OP, it’s possible that this was brought out in the other thread.

I also don’t know about anything offensive that magellan01 might have said in other threads.

So my comments are limited in scope, to the specific quotes in the OP and the inferences drawn from them.

That said, IMO there’s nothing morally objectionable about anything in the magellan01 quotes cited in the OP.

The only thing really offensive in the OP is the commentary by Eonwe, who attempted to make magellan01 into a racist by twisting his words, and by dishonestly inserting nefarious intent into statements that did not actually contain them.

My suggestion to magellan01 would be to consider whether it’s worth arguing about it in this thread. Because when you’re dealing with dishonest weasels of this sort, it’s like a tar baby, and all you’d be doing is providing continued fodder for his calumny. And the audience of sympathetic fellow travelers and circle-jerkers is not going to make it easier. May not be worthwhile.

5% seems about right for the margin of error of half-blind oldies who tick the wrong box

You know, you could have been a bit more stealthy with your codewords to let him know you have his back.

This made me laugh out loud.

First, he has a history of making racial comments which are inherently offensive. Second, there is definitely is definitely something inherently offensive about the ideas he’s discussing. As a brown person, you quickly come to understand that racism directed against other groups will eventually be redirected at you. So “keeping the wetbacks out” isn’t good for black people.

Or as Chris Rock put it, “I started worrying when they were angry about Muslims, because that meant that next they’d start on the niggers and Jews.”

Suggesting that black people are brainwashed strikes me as objectionable.

And in post #5 of this thread, he states that the way black people vote is “unnatural”.

That’s also objectionable.

People keep using the phrase “circle-jerk” like it’s a bad thing.

This is, at most, a reason to disagree with him. It doesn’t make what he said objectionable.

Only if you’re looking to be offended or find somethinig offensive.

This type of analysis is SOP in politics for all sorts of groups. People say things like this on the SDMB about all sorts of people all the time.

Suggesting that a group that has suffered more from racism than any other should engage in it is insensitive to the point of being offensive.

Riiiiight. Nothing’s offensive unless you’re seeking to be offended. It’s your own damn fault when racist words make you upset.

And also, look at how she was dressed.

: old-style rolleyes :