Magenta hair looks good on me!

As a teenager I always wanted to dye my hair some zany color but my parents wouldnt let me. Later I still wanted to, but my jobs wouldnt let me. Today I put in a temporary (one day only) magenta color and it looks absolutely right on me! Since I will very soon be moving from here and thus it will be at least a month or two before I need to get a job (I’d been working at a day care center here but that is over now) I think I might go for it and dye it semi-permanent or actual permanent punky red. In case we move quicker than I expect, I could always dye it back to normal again. I’m 24 and that isn’t too old yet for such hair experimentation, is it?

acrossthesea: I love zany hair color in girl’s hair. What color was your hair before you dyed it?

Seeing as how I change my haircolor every 6 weeks or so, I see no problem with experimentation! Yay for finding a color you like that seems to like you, too!

You’re NEVER to old to do zany things with your hair, and 24 is young enough to do anything you want.

Dryfreeze, it is normally dark brown.

Didn’t “Bozo the Clown” have Magenta Hair?
Chicks are too into wackey colors,us dudes like regular color…
I’ve seen Poodles dyed Blue…That’s pretty cool!

Zany colours can be fun. I’ve never been one to go really crazy with the colouring but I had so much fun when I died my hair Indigo… it was dark enough that it looked almost black but you could tell it was a really dark blue.

I was a Guide leader at that time as well and the girls were so excited that my hair was blue! Just like their uniforms!

I’d do highlights first, if I were you. And I would make sure that it can be completely colored over, for when you’ll need to get a job.

I’m almost 28 and have been considering getting blue highlights for quite a while. I just might do it one of these days. My hair guy said, “I could do that!” with glee when I ran the idea past him.

I’ve considered putting some zany colored highlights in my hair. Nothing really shocking, just a few streaks of pink or purple in front. Unfortunately I work for an ultra-conservative office, so that’s not gonna happen anytime soon.

The funny thing is, this is a salon whose clientele runs towards the older and rich. I mean absolutely no insult to them; it’s just that except for one time I was the youngest customer in the place! So I can only imagine the looks I’d be getting from these women…:smiley:

I need a trim. Hmm…

Hey, cool for you, acrossthesea. My daughter is 15. She’s got a dress code at school and has to keep her hair “normal-looking” during the school year, but last summer she had her hair dyed bright blue. She and I both thought it looked great.

My neighbor has two daughters, one the same age as mine. When she saw UvulaDaughter’s hair, she was horrified. “How could you let your daughter do that to her hair?” Well, two reasons:
[li]I’ve got more important things to worry about than the color of my kid’s hair[/li][li]I choose my battles carefully. Hair dye doesn’t even cause a blip on the radar.[/li][/ul]

Hell, you’re only 24. Take a cue from zephyrine: You’re young enough to do anything you want.

Hmm. As a 39-year old, I say go for it! Last summer I did my hair in deep red-red and loved it. I did get a few odd looks, and an occasional comment, but you know, I didn’t dye it that color to be UNOBTRUSIVE! My feeling about hair color is why bother dyeing it a color you could just grow it?

The Terrible Teen will be 14 soon, and I have promised her that she may have blue hair next week. As UvulaDonor says, hair color falls into the category of “battles not worth fighting.”

I’ve been experimenting since high school and I love it! Now that I’m 31, I still enjoy coloring my hair. I’ve run the gamut from all-over fuchsia (very bright) to all-over black cherry and then occasional purple or blue streaks. I’ve done every shade of red out there but the darker tones don’t stay in too long.

Black cherry was my favorite, alas it lasted only two weeks (it was permanent) before just fading into a darkish brown. Most of the girls in my high school did the perm thing but I stuck to color. I didn’t want to become a “poodle”. Just make sure you get a shampoo and conditioner that helps with color. You have to give your hair some extra TLC if you color. Good luck and have FUN!!

It’s just hair, you’re clear on the job thing, and you can dye it back if neccessary, right? So do it!

I’ve never done crazy hair color for more than a day and it’s one thing I sort of regret. Being timid or practical or whatever won’t get you one more check mark on The Big List of Fun Things to Do in this Lifetime.

Oh! Post pictures so we can admire the new color, too!

You bought the dye in Japan, acrossthesea? And you got some without bleach? Amazing. :slight_smile:

Incidently, when are you moving? I take it you are leaving Japan?

Because I live on a military base, I can buy American products. What I got wasn’t a dye, but a one day hair coloring thing that just coats your hair. It wasn’t very thick and sort of blends with the natural color, so I can easily imagine from that how my hair would look when actually dyed that color.

To dye it permanently, I will get something from offbase. (They don’t sell regular strange colored dyes at the bx…they sell a poor selection of everything basically.) The town this base is in has a lot of what I call “alternative stores”…you know, band t shirts, studded collars, weird clothes, hair dye. Are the hair dyes all with bleach in Japan? I didn’t know this.

I’m moving sometime between now and next month, or slightly more or less. We found this out today. Course we don’t know where to or when exactly, that’s the military way. Pretty soon I’m not going to be a military spouse anymore so I don’t have to deal with this again. All I know is we’re going to the states.

Did anyone here ever dye their hair with kool-aid? I remember in high school (mid 90’s) that was big and I always wondered how that didn’t ruin the hair.

Most Japanese hair dye has bleach, something that gaijin learn to their sorrow. If you’ve travelled much around the country, I’m sure you know that 80% of young women and 50% of young men dye their hair, and they are almost universally going for a lighter colour. With how dark their hair is naturally, they need bleach to lighten it up.

I imagine that Sublight and I, and perhaps scr4, will be getting together in Hiro-o (in Tokyo) towards the end of January, should you find yourself near Tokyo and interested in meeting some fellow Dopers. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see photos. Anyone wanna post one? Maybe a “before” and “after”, or just the “after”?