Magic: The Gathering Movie Announced

And you can’t mention Niv-Mizzet without pointing out that (Z–>)90º – (E–N²W)90ºt = 1.

For those not in the know, this is an in-joke that appeared on the Niv card. I couldn’t actually work it out myself, but the long and short of it is:

A couple times they used there formula’s to spell out things on the cards. Such as Niv’s name being encoded on his card as flavor text, giving a touch of the character’s narcissistic arrogance and mathematically-oriented mind.

Glad I’m not the only one who plays on the Dope!

I thought it would be interesting to see Tarantino direct though :smiley:

I’m just praying this movie doesn’t suck. That’s all I ask.

Serious question: what percentage if MtG players do you guys estimate care/know anything about the backstory?

Most will know something of the backstory, if only because there’s bits and pieces of it in the flavor text of most cards. You’re likely to learn more if you go online to find information about various cards, since those who have read the books tend to share with those who haven’t. And you can probably recognize the main characters based just on their art and abilities: Jace is a powerful wizard who’s very good at mind-magic, Garruk is an unsubtle druidic sort who’s more in tune with wild beasts than with other people, etc.

I’m guessing this will be more Battleship than Clue* though.

(There’s a sentence not heard too often).
*As far as reviews, not style or plot. Although making it a wacky comedy could be neat

There would be some who know the setting but not the plot, but there are also going to be fantasy fans who would enjoy the movie even if they don’t want to play the game.

As long as they put someone in charge who wants to do justice to the setting, of course. There have been a lot of genre movies ruined because some hack was at the reins.

One problem is that the setting changes every time a new expansion comes out. A movie set on Mirrodin will be very different from one set on Ravnica (or Innistrad, or one of the shards of Alara, etc). I think one of the key things an M:tG movie would have to accomplish is to capture the feeling of a vast multiverse of various worlds, but not overwhelm the audience (or end up sacrificing depth in exchange for breadth).

I think it would work best to focus on two (maybe three) planes. Others could be mentioned or glimpsed, but there’s only so much room to develop a setting in the 2 hour window of a movie.

How is that a problem? It means that they could choose whichever best suits their intentions.

Alara would be a pretty good setting for the first movie. The convergence of the shards would be a pretty good introduction to the idea of different planes, and there are a number of planeswalkers involved.

Just don’t use Alara Unbroken as a basis. There’s a fan story that did a brilliant job with a climax suitable for a movie. I’ve got a copy and could post it here, but the original seems to have been lost the last time the company screwed with their forums.

I don’t think they will bother with the old stories form past expansions. They will take the current characters, Jace, Chandra, Liliana, Garruk etc. and give them an adventure across planes. I suspect Ravnica will be involved. The Fantasy equivalent of Star Wars’ Coruscant was made for the big screen.

They will also probably want to include whatever setting that they are using in the expansion being sold the year the movie is released, since part of the reason they are doing this is to get new people to play the game.

Which might be a problem, since it’d mean that whenever the release date of the movie gets pushed back, they’d need to re-write it. That, or have the movie take as long as it takes, and re-arrange the expansion schedule around it, but they don’t want to do that, either.

Wizards issued the official press release today and it mentions using “Fan favorite stories” so I may have spoken too soon assuming it would ignore the older Dominaria stuff.

Then they should release a Core set associated with the movie. Trying to do more than that is just failure waiting to happen.

Well, Ravnica’s setting was and has been pretty popular. I wouldn’t be surprised in at least part of the movie took place there. It’s got quite a bit of potential.

Base it on the Unglued set. Maybe Timmy the Power Gamer could be the protagonist, trying to prevent the coming of the Infernal Spawn of Evil.

The initial release date will probably coincide with the last set of the previous block if they intend to set the movie in an upcoming block’s setting - use the movie to drum up interest in it before it comes out.

That gives them about a year and a half before the release date moving would put it into a block after the one it’s set in (and about a year before the promotional purpose is severely weakened).

However, I think setting it in Dominaria, or a popular/easy to write about plane from an earlier block is at least as likely as ‘the upcoming block’s setting’, if they want to promote the line as a whole to new people - it’s easier to convince people to buy the core set than expansions.

Counterspell is no longer T2, so I hope you have the right type of counter.

I think they are going to release the film in strips, and then you buy random extra strips. Eventually you can assemble you own movie.