Magic Time-Traveling Video Camera

I’m giving you an HD time traveling video/audio camera that you can send back to any time and place on Earth. It’s attached to a high end helicopter drone (which can convert to a submarine drone) and both drone and camera are invisible to all inhabitants of the past.

The time traveling is magic, too. You don’t need to know the exact time and coordinates of what you want to shoot, you just tell the advanced “Siri” interface what you want to see and it goes there (she’s omniscient). You can ask for specific events, or just general representations of a time and place.

You are the director. You can tell “Siri” the exact shots, perspectives and edits you want in each scene.

You have a limit of 90 minutes of video to shoot. How do you fill your 90 minute video? Describe the scenes and the allotted time for each scene. You don’t need to describe all 90 minutes in one post, but keep track of your minutes (they don’t roll over).

Tibby’s Time-Traveling Travelogue:

5-minutes: Close up shot of the first spark of life on Earth
5-minutes: The final 5 minutes of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony debut, panning to the audience’s standing ovation and Ludwig’s reaction.
5-minutes: Submarine shot of first lifeform about to crawl onto land, switching to helicopter view when it gets there.
2-Minutes: A tracking shot of the largest individual animal ever to have lived on Earth (probably a blue whale…or my ex).
5-minutes: first contact between Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal man.
10-minutes: K-T Event, including long shot of the impact and a montage of immediate aftermaths at various locations, then 5 years post event.
1 minute: Zoom shot of a giant beaver (the Pleistocene type…not the whorehouse type).
8-minutes: Montage of typical 8am-sunset event at the ancient Roman Coliseum.
30 seconds: First visitation by an extraterrestrial lifeform (probably blank video, but worth a shot).
5-minutes: Assassination of Julius Caesar, including montage of the planning, then the attack and immediate aftermath.
3-minutes: Montage of Alexander the Great’s Battle of the Granicus, including close-up shots of Al.
2-minutes: Nefertiti disrobing, then luxuriating in a warm tub of water (including submarine views)
2-minutes: Benjamin Franklin arguing with and aggravating John Adams about shutting the window while they lodged together in a small room in Paris.

Ok, I’m up to 48 minutes and 30 seconds, so far.

Your turn.

I’d go for something that’s going to make me money

  1. 5 minutes of LHO and the shots following him in a helicopter shot escaping the depository
  2. 5 minutes of JFK and Marilyn disrobing and starting…
  3. 5 minutes of Adolf’s suicide
  4. The last 5 minutes in the cockpit of the Twin Towers planes
  5. The first 10 seconds of each hour in JC tomb - hopefully this will capture something that can let us go back later and examine in more detail.

I would go back to the Napoleonic wars and-

Oh, who am I kidding. It would be 90 minutes of Scarlett Johansson in the shower or something.

Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls, New York. 1918. November 11th. Exactly eleven. Armistice time.