Magic Window

Here I go, giving away another “Great Invention” idea (hee hee). Suppose you construct a window whose depth is equal to the length of a plastic soda straw, with a single pane of glass on each side. Now you fill up the interior with soda straws, honeycomb style, and cover the indoor side of the window with frosted mylar (to create a projection screen). My question is, would each straw act as a mini-camera, creating a “pixel” on the screen, corresponding to a narrow area of view outside the window. I believe the effect, as observed from inside, would be a flat, moving picture of the view outside, but that the perspective would not change as you walked past the window. (Can you tell it’s a rainly day here?) <g>


“Basses do it lower”

Hmm.No comment. I like your job description in your profile. We have lots of jobs that weren’t here 20 years ago, like all the Internet/computer jobs some of which we have no descriptive names for.

Build it, and they will come.

I read about something like that:
You get lots (probably like hundreads) of match boxes, take out the whole inner part and get rid of it so all that you have left is that rectangular piece of cardboard. Take each one and bend the sides until it looks like a diamond (with a flat top and bottom) and you glue all of these together and (honeycomb style) and put a piece of wax paper over one side and put the opposite side on the TV screen. What will happen is that each “cell” will take the average of all the colors in it and proect THAT against the wax paper. so that really all you see is a few hundread really big pixels (that won’t make a picture or anything) and everytime the image on the TV changes (which is pretty much constant) the image on the wax paper changes.
I’ll have to actaully try it one of these days when I’m really bored though

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