Magicians! Need Help With Flower Production Box Trick!

I used to do simple magic tricks for the family kids at Christmas and I have this trick I need help with for a birthday party on Sunday.

Since I don’t want to give away the workings of it, can one of y’all please send me a pm? It’s probably a problem very simply solved, but I just can’t wrap my mind around it!:smack:

Also, other than this one and the Magic Coloring Book trick, are there any others which don’t require any sleight of hand or much of a brain?



You should PM ianzin.

If you searched YouTube for a video of someone performing it, you could probably work it out since you have the prop.

Other tricks- I like David Ginn presentation of the vanishing silk hanky, using it as an example of what an illusion is. Basically using the hanky as an example of something that looks like it there but, presto, it never really was. This makes a good opener.