Magicka coming out tomorrow - Balm for your Torchlight II itch!

They pretty much had me at this trailer:

It’s out for download tomorrow, and on retail early February. From what I’ve read it’s essentially Torchlight multi-player with some neat co-op power/spell mechanics. Looks really good!

Demo is out. It’s pretty slick. Sucks you can’t rebind your mouse buttons since middle-mouse self cast is dumb.

Possibly useful article. Funny, at least.

So… does anyone want to play? I tried the demo and it was great fun. Seems they have patched away most of the bugs for multiplayer also.

Big load of fail right there, if you can’t remap anything. Because my fingers are so short, I use the arrow keys instead of WASD (otherwise I’m constantly hitting the wrong keys).

I’m downloading it right now. Will let you know what I think later.

It’s only the mouse controls that you can’t change.

I’m getting it tomorrow. I’ll join a group in multi if anyone else is up for it. Remember, only up to four wizards can save the world.

So far it’s fun. I’m having a blast experimenting with the various elements to get different effects. I’m at a fight with about 20 goblins and a goblin shaman that I can’t get past yet, but I’ll get there!

Anyone up for a co-op game tonight or tomorrow night?

I’m Kinthalis on Steam in case you see me on.

I figure I’ll try and see who’s up for it around 8:00pm eastern tonight, and about the same time tomorrow.

I played the demo, up to the point where I got defeated by the pirate goblins. Which pissed me off so badly I rage-quit.

And then bought the game. :slight_smile:

I tried the demo then bought it. Half the fun is discovering the various combinations of elements. I’d be happy to try some co-op too.

And my name on Steam is Brass Monkey. That might be useful to know. :smack:

Exploding fireballs are particularly devastating but dangerous to wizards if cast at the wrong time. Goblins tend to close distance quick and cause the caster to engulf himself.