Maglite Flashlight LED retrofit modules- Worth the money?

Maglite is apparently somewhat late to the LED flashlight revolution. I saw some Maglite flashlight LED retrofit modules (just the LED module by itself) for sale for $18.00 at Walmart. These are apparently designed to replace the filament bulb in a regular Maglite.

I have a few Maglites and they do eat batteries. Seems kind of expensive to take a chance on if performance is so-so. Anyone used these? Do they work well?

The light is ok I guess but in general the on/off switch that replaces the battery cap is a POS.

I bought mine at Berlands’ House of Tools for 10 bucks and I still use my Streamlight Scorpion instead.

It depends, if you simply want long battery life and an indestructible bulb (no delicate filament to break) then they’re decent enough, if you’re looking for retina-searing performance, then the answer is an emphatic NO
honestly, you can get the same performance for a bit less by going to your local Sears, picking up their 3AAA “Endurable” Luxeon worklight, and stripping the bulb module out of it, it’s a 1 watt Luxeon emitter, however, the 3W emitter in the MagLED module is underdriven anyway, Mag designed it for longevity over performance

I purchased a 2D MagLED from wally world, and was quite underwhelmed with it, returned it the same day

Mag Instrument did not cater to the “flashaholic” with this one, the MagLED is designed plainly for the average consumer, and for that purpose, it’s passable, nothing special

Another great thing about the LED lights is that the light is (usually) very white. You get greatly enhanced color definition like when, say, under the dashboard or looking through your toolbox in the dark.

I looked up your preferred light and it apparently only gets 1.75 hours of use per battery set. Isn’t that super short for an LED light, esp one that uses quite expensive batteries? What’s the advantage over a bulb light for this unit?

I got it on sale and I just really like the way it feels in my hand. I don’t use it for extended periods, mostly just to illuminate a street sign or check something in an attic. I find that it is a good compromise in size and retina searingness.

It’ll light up a street sign half a block away easy.

That’s the LED version, Here is the one I have.

I found this review site. Looks interesting.

I have one but you loose the focusing function and it doen’t seem as bright, didn’t buy a second.Up to ten times battery life???
Regards Charlie

Just go buy a new LED light, it’s cheaper.

I have one and find it sucks compared to the regular maglight bulb. The light is that weird blue and no more focus. The junk drawer is its new home.