Magnetic Cat Barf (Warning: Somewhat gross)

Why is it that my cats only barf on the carpeting and not on the floor not covered by a beautiful rug?

My two furballs have been having problems lately with furballs. Lots of hacking–you know, that dry hhheeecccckkk, hhheeeccckkk, hhheeeecccckkk at 2:00 am, but nothing was coming up, so to speak. I bought some Iams for Hairballs, hoping that would resolving the hacking and they both loved it–so much so that they eat as much as I’ll put down. I learned my lesson quickly and stopped putting down the regular amount, and just put a bit at a time. However, now my rugs are being populated by icky, nasty stuff hacked up by the cats.

What am I doing wrong? I’d rather not follow them around with tiny barf bags, and I’d certainly not want to find cat ick on my rugs, but I don’t want them to do the dry hack anymore either.

Our cats will throw up on the rugs, too. And if you try to get to them before they do and put a paper towel under them, they’ll move away, as if to say "No, no, I don’t want to barf on your nice clean paper. That’s why i’m trying to throw up on the rug. "
We’ve solved the problem by getting rid of the rugs (they needed to go anyway – they were ancient and awful and we hated them.)
Read Dave Barry’s story about how their dog went out of his way to poop five times on the expensive Persian rug they put down. I think it’s in Dave Barry Talks Back. The fact that he pooped five times on it in one night was pretty clear evidence to Dave that it had been deliberate. Good-intentioned, though.

My guess is that animals interpret carpeting as sort of “indoor dirt”, and therefore appropriate for barfing, pooping, and peeing.

Try some Laxatone - it helps them pass the hairballs rather than hacking them up. Brushing them often will help, too. If they will let you -but that’s another thread!

Elvis – aka Barf Boy – also prefers rugs to either newspaper or bare floors.

The worst, though, was a week or two ago, when he finished his breakfast and hopped up on my lap as I was sitting at the computer – and proceeded to throw up on me.

Luckily, I had a quilt over my lap, so he got that rather than me or my bathrobe, but still!

My 25 pound cat likes to throw up on my bedspread.

25lb cat = holotta barf