Mahaloth moves into 1996(help me choose a cell phone)!

Well, I’m getting a cell phone(probably). I have some basic quesitons. Remember, I’m an idiot(cell-phone wise) and know nothing

I’m looking for some basic things.

  1. What company has a good pricing plan? How much a month is that(approx.)?

  2. What company has good coverage and reception?

Basicaly, I’m asking about the price range and overall quality of the companies out there. I have no idea how much people pay for their phones.

I actually will probably go with a fairly basic plan since I don’t make tons of calls. Thanks for any help.


I responded at length a while back to a similar question in this thread. You may find that a place to start.

Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions…about wireless stuff, I mean.

Not surprising that wireless is an expert.

Whatever you do, DO NOT GET SPRINT. Do a search on this board, or google “Sprint Sucks” and you’ll see why.