Mahathir calls Bush a liar.

Mahathir seems to be having a good time talking back to the most powerful man on earth today, Bush.

Here’s what he thinks about Bush:

What is the straight dope about Bush being a liar, at least in his justification for war on Iraq.

Just give me the facts, without any polemics: Did Bush lie or not? as stated by Mahathir. No need to go into the worthy reasons for lying.

Susma Rio Sep

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Mahathir is a madman with a long history of mouthing off. Don’t take him seriously.

When a madman, racist, and anti-semite calls one a liar, that is the highest possible complement. Bush has been greatly honored by this attempt at “insult” by a vile and satanic man.

The fact that one more guy has called Mr. Bush a liar is no cause for headlines. It’s an everyday occurance. I’m afraid there’s no way to give a simple, quick answer to your question here in General Questions. Such a discussion would quickly get kneedeep in political anger. There are surely threads on this subject in other forums.

What, are you kidding? This debate has been raging throughout the United States all year long. There is no “straight dope” on it. Some people say Bush lied outright. Some people say he had poor intelligence and genuinely believed that there were WMD in Iraq at the time of the war. Some people say he was absolutely right, and that the WMD have just been concealed/moved/etc.


It sounds like a case of Mahathir’s word against Bush’s. How could anybody else who wasn’t there possibly know?

The interpreter won’t be speaking on this.


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