Mail ordering meds online question

I know we are not supposed to ask for help breaking the law … but I have a question about ordering drugs online.

I have been researching hypertension meds, and found one that is used in 20 otehr countries, and is available online from Switzerland

It says that they need a doctor’s prescription to complete the order, so they are obviously not one of the insta-viagra type sites, but just an on line pharmacy.

Obviously moxonidine is not available in the US [yet] but if my PCP decides to give it a whirl, could she write me a prescription for it, and me actually get it in the mail? I dont care if my insurance company will actually pay for it or not …

And if the customs people decide to not let it into the country, what would happen … it just not arrive in the mail, or would there be something more drastic [it isnt a narcotic, and it would be prescribed by a doctor] that would haappen to my doc and me?

And as an aside, what if you are a german and over here for an extended time, like a short term lecture series or something and you are on some med only available in europe, can your prescription be mailed to you legally as a refill?

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In TN and MS, Doctors are only allowed to prescribe FDA-approved drugs. I’ll bet most other states have similar laws.

Therefore, legally, the prescription would not be valid in CT. Not being familiar with Swiss pharmacy law, I would think that if they are advertising to a USA clientele that they are (1) willing to break Swiss or USA law or (2) Swiss law allows export with a prescription from the target jurisdiction.

It’s good that you don’t care if your insurance would cover it, b/c that would be the quickest rejection ever.

Customs would likely check a USA database of FDA-approved drugs, and after not finding that name, likely at least hold it up while they investigated. Myself, I don’t think Customs is looking to stop the international blood-pressure-drug trade.

I would think a tourist would have a supply of any drugs he would need with proper documentation before leaving internationally to cover the length of his stay. That’s what I advise my international-traveling patients to do.

miatachris, R.Ph.

Thanks =) i figured as much

[although as a military retiree dependent of 20 years, I just carry a military ID and can get refills at any military base pharmacy as I am in the system :D]

Every now and then I take a Reglan for heartburn, but it scares the shit out of me. I found this drug (Domperidone) that does most of the things Reglan does, but, unlike Reglan, doesn’t cross the Blood-brain barrier.

It’s approved everywhere, but the US, and I had no trouble getting a prescription from my GI doctor, and no trouble ordering it and receiving it from a legitimate online drug store.

I have known people who have ordered cannabis seeds from countries where their sale is legal. If customs discovers their package, the addressee gets an empty package in the mail, with a note explaining that somebody sent this box/envelope to them and it contained illicit substances. The letter tells them that if they indeed did order such substance, they can contact whoever to claim it. Obviously, if they claim the contents then they are in hot water.

Link discussing a “customs letter”.

My husband also takes Domperidone for gastroparesis, and it’s no problem for him to get it from a Canadian pharmacy after his GI doc gave him a prescription.

It’s a hell of a drug for tightening up the LES valve. US surgeons have run tests that show it works so well that they would no longer have to worry so much about aspiration during surgery. (you can find this test on the web).

Hm, anybody have any idea of a website and or email thingy deal I could send a question to and get the official governmental response ?