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Last night my girlfriend and I went out for a small celebration at one of our favorite restaraunts. Even though the place was mostly half empty (being Tuesday and all), the “hostess” insisted on sitting us at a huge table in the middle of a walkway instead of at one of the numerous cozy booths just steps away.

I asked to be moved to a booth, but I was told that “that section wasn’t open”. Now, I ask you–in a restaraunt that is hardly busy, does it reeeeeally make a big difference for some poor server to walk an extra 3 1/2 feet to talk to us so that we can have some privacy and enjoy our dinner?

I’m sure someone out there has been a waiter or waitress and understands why people get so persnickety about “sections” in restaraunts, but it seems to me that a little consideration is not too much to expect when you pay for a nice meal.

Anyway, we still had a nice time and the food was excellent, but I felt a bit miffed.

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Having worked in fancy as well as casual restaraunts a few years back, and knowing the way things work there, I too wonder about this. Whats involved in relocating you? 3.5 feet and notifying the server…and thats really it! It irritates me too.


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Working in the business for 15 yrs+ and I’m here to tell you, that’s NOT how it’s supposed to be. Every restaurant I ever worked in, if you wanted to sit there, unless there was a reservation, or other valid reason, you were seated there.

The real problem is that people likely to succeed in these jobs by nature are somewhat anal, attention to every little detail being an important consideration. Often when such beings are given guidelines, they enforce them like they are carved in stone.

You could have made a scene, or tried some gentle teasing and joking, promising an extra fifty cents to the server, with a wink. They may have then realised the silly nature of their behaviour. Or not.

It sure ain’t right, you come to my restaurant you can sit anywhere you like, the greeter should have smiled and said, sure, no problem.

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Elbows3, where do you run (or help run) a restaurant? I might make a point of dropping by if I’m ever in the area.

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