Major chicken pox outbreak at NC school

and you will never guess what many of the parents think about vaccines

I am not anti-vax by any stretch of the imagination, but I would struggled to work up outrage over this.

If you don’t vaccinate your kid against CP, then you expect your child to get CP. And then they did. So what is the fuss? Now they have immunity.

the kids who get CP can spread it around to people not at the school .

Adults who get CP for the 1st time can be in really bad shape - they can even die from CP.

To most people it’s relatively minor, to some it’s deadly. By vaccinating those who can be vaccinated you can help protect those who cannot or who are susceptible.

I remember some of time I got CP as an adult, but the rest of the time was taken up by a lot of pain and a high fever. I still have little scars on my upper arms from the experience.

what is sad is many anti vaccine parents are highly educated. Waldorf schools tend to get kids from educated, liberal families.

And chicken pox can be serious and in some cases even fatal. And these kids are likely to be vulnerable to more severe cases of shingles when they get older.

This is not really a “So what?” issue.

Well, they are adults and are responsible for themselves, they can get the vaccine if they want to.

Twenty years ago millions of kids got CP and somehow life continued. Now if 30 kids get it and it is all pearl clutching?

There are many things to get outraged in the world about. This is not one of them.

a lot of non religious anti vaccine parents use the religion excuse to avoid vaccines for kids because they don’t have to prove they are religious.

The hell it isn’t. Children get sick and sometimes die. Adults get sick and sometimes die. There are influential groups out there that are actively encouraging people, through the use of bad statistics and outright lies, not to inoculate their children or themselves.

Ever heard of community, or hurd immunity? These schools, and other groups that encourage people people not to inoculate, are systematically destroying hurd immunity all over the place.
“Twenty years ago millions of kids got CP and somehow life continued. Now if 30 kids get it and it is all pearl clutching?” I had two cousins and an aunt that died from CP. I’m not sure if anyone clutched pearls at the funerals.
Want me to ask on your behalf?

This seems to be strange reasoning. You could use it for anything, for example

“Twenty years ago millions of kids rode around without seatbelts and somehow life continued. Now if 30 kids die it is all pearl clutching?”

Believe it or not, the “life went on” argument is fairly popular among antivaxers. I’ve even encountered one saying bubonic plague wasn’t all that bad since the human race survived (though an estimated one-third of the Western world died during the worst of the Middle Ages outbreaks).

The principles underlying Waldorf School education encourage antivax attitudes.

Fine, everyone can have the recreational outrage that 30 kids got CP.

There is just no indication in the article that there has been any hospitalizations or fatalities.

My point is that there seems to be a lack of a sense of scale. The fatality rate for CP is 1/60,000 according to Wikipedia. For something you get once in your life, that is pretty dang low. By comparison, you have 1/8,700 chance of dying in a car wreck,* every year of your life*. But people have no qualms putting their kid in a car, and this board seems perfectly fine with it as well.

I am sincerely sorry that happened. However, I recognize that was an extremely unusual event.

I have also had family members and a friend die in a car wreck. But I am able to make weighed decisions in my life and decide whether or not to strap my children in a car to go to the store. Maybe someone will Pit me because I do.

The law says you have to strap them in, so there really isn’t much of a “weighted decision” to make, is there? By the way, are your kids inoculated?

You make your kids wear seatbelts? Don’t you know people have DIED because they were trapped in the car by their seatbelt?

Well, I am not an anti-vaxer. My kids received all of their vaccines on schedule.

But I do think it seems a little strange that “But people die from it!” is the ultimate trump card to make decisions upon any action, without regard for actual considerations of risk or magnitude.

Sorry, by “strap them in” I mean, put them in the car. Yes, we all wear seat belts by law.

My point is, we make choices every day to do things that involve levels of risk far higher than getting CP. That is part of life.

Who can be as susceptible to Woo as anyone else, if it’s packaged appropriately, i.e. as something innovative and iconoclastic and “alternative” against the corporate establishment. Which is often itself used as a selling point by Waldorf/Steiner schools.

Right. You make a “weighted decision” as to whether or not you transport them by car, as opposed to…what? Making them walk everywhere?

I’m currently in chemo. I can’t get vaccinated, as my immune system is compromised.
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