Major fail on Britains's National Cycle to Work Day

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On the bright side, this may increase Liz’s life expectancy.

What’s the homeopathic treatment for getting hit by a truck? Can you dilute a truck 1,000,000 times, and hit someone with it again?

What you do is make an official list of the effects of being hit by a truck, find a natural substance that mimics the majority of the list, and dilute that. (That IS what they would do.)

So what you’re saying is, if I hit <Subject Named Individual> with a brick, as opposed to a truck, I could claim it was therapeutic? Excellent, barking dog neighbor, time for your “medicine.”

A pebble would be even more powerful. A speck of dust could vaporize the entire house.

they own a cat also and its innocent.

Never mind then.

No cat is truly innocent:

Victims must be taken to the homeopathic ER.

You know, his death had nothing to do with his medical practice. Regardless of your opinions on holistic medicine, a family has lost a loved one and a driver is going to be haunted for a long time by the knowledge that he killed someone. Maybe a little compassion is due?

That’s very noble, and there’s a context for compassion; but this isn’t it. This isn’t a grief counseling service, and it’s not like we’re having this conversation at his funeral.

The man dedicated his life to pseudoscience that does real harm, and that deserves comment. It’s shameful that the Royal Family (Charles in particular) gives patronage to alt med woo. Homeopathy and its proponents deserve to be mocked into oblivion.

I see you’ve been reading a lot of XKCD what if :slight_smile:

Fire up the cyclotron!!! Those soulless cretins (the owners, not the dog or cats) have a date… with science.