Major Gift Error!

Santa brought my daughter, who is almost 3, a Rock and Roll Elmo. She loves Elmo, she loves music, she loves guitars. He honestly thought it would be the gift hit this year. It was not. Oh boy, was it not. Diana couldn’t even finish unwrapping it. She just walked away, and went & sat on my husband’s lap. I finished unwrapping it, and played it for her, and she started to cry. Then she went & hid in the hallway until we put it out of sight.

However, Santa did manage to gain redemption. Like most kids her age, Diana loves to draw & color, and Santa also brought Diana a MagnaDoodle. She loves the MagnaDoodle. I mean, she loves the MagnaDoodle.

Anyone else have a gift error story? Doesn’t have to be this year, or even Christmas. Just share. Santa needs your sympathy.

We bought our little (6 mos) old son a Furby to chatter with since my nieces loved theirs at that age. (And IMO the hubby wanted to play with it, too.)
Unfortunately, Chris is terrified of it and cries when it talks to him. I’ll keep it for him till he gets older and less skittish.
Prairie Rose

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I remember something. My aunt and uncle got my cousin one of those bears when he was three. You know the bear, you pop a cassette in his back and then he’ll talk and move his eyes and mouth. I think his name started with an R. Anyway, he was a few years old. Once, they woke up to hear him screaming and screaming. They rushed in to see what was wrong. He had shoved himself into one corner of the room and when they walked in started screaming “it’s evil! it’s evil!” One of the bear’s eyes had rolled up in it’s head. I think they painted and iris and pupil onto the now blank socket, but he didn’t like it at all after that.

I think something similar happened with his sister, only involving a doll whose eyes were supposed to close when you laid it down.

They didn’t have much luck with presents with moving parts.

The bear that talked was Teddy Ruskin or something along that line…I bought one for myself…lol.

When my son was two years old…his birthday is December 15th, his grandparents bought him a plastic tricycle…a tiny one that you can ride inside…we sat him down on it and he cried his eyes out…he would not have it…course six months later it was a different story. He had the thing torn all to pieces from hitting the walls and corners with it…turned out to be one of his favorite things…kids are fickle…it just takes time.

Poor kid!

One Christmas my sister got a Chatty Cathy. She loved that doll a lot. She used to take it to bed with her every night – at least she did until she saw the Twilight Zone episode that featured “Talking Tina”.

<Blockquote><HR>“My name is Talking Tina and I’m going to KILL you!


After that, she always put Chatty Cathy in the closet and closed the door before going to bed. Occasionally, she’d get a flashlight and check to be sure she hadn’t moved.



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Prairie Rose: I understand the child’s reaction. Furby terrifies me, too.

When Youngest Son was a year and three quarters, he LOVED elephants. “'Phunts!” he would shout, and stick his arm up alongside his head, sway it like a trunk, and make a big elephant sound.

Amongst the presents under the tree that year was a toy workbench, complete with hammer, a King Babar stuffed animal, and one of those animated toys, an elephant which would walk a few steps forward, stop, raise its trunk, and bellow.

Youngest Son opened the workbench first, and delightedly went around banging the hammer on everything in sight.

He then opened the animated elephant. We had already put batteries in, and my husband reached under it to turn it on. It happened to be in the “bellow” point in its walk-stop-raise-bellow cycle. It was pointed right toward Youngest Son, and it bellowed, loudly. Youngest Son shrieked and started to cry. We had to banish the animated elephant immediately (and it stayed banished for a couple of years – everytimg we brought it out Y.S. would get upset again).

We calmed Y.S. down, and returned to opening presents. The toy hammer was on the floor next to him as he opened King Babar. He immediately shrieked, grabbed the hammer, and cloncked King Babar on the head.

(I have to tell you that hubby and I could not help but laugh, loudly and longly, over this poor child’s terror upon being confronted with the King of the Elephants. No doubt it is the first memory he has to share with his therapist some day!)

Babar was banished too.

Y.S. is now nine and three quarters, and enjoys hearing this story. And, amazingly enough, after that Christmas he STILL loved “'phunts.” Just not those two.


Teddy Ruxpin:

Santa is on the serious shit list at our house, too.

Santa, this year, was in the form of my boss, who sent gifts to the kids, knowing how bad off we are for money.

His major travesty and worst error?

Yep. A @#$^&*@# Rock N Roll Elmo. I HATE THIS THING! It must DIE.

The 3 year old, of course, has obsessed on it. She LOVES it. She sings to it, she talks to it … she plays it constantly and pretends to be DJ Ice Evil or some such crap, repeatedly pressing the button in that funky “sampling” sound.

Santa is not my friend.

Well, if we’re allowed to share stories of gifts that kids loved but the parents hated, here’s mine.
When I was little my uncle bought me a doll that cried whenever you took the pacifier out of her motuh. I promptly lost the pacifier. That thing cried and screamed right up until the batteries died.
My mom got him back, though. She bought my cousin a drum set. :slight_smile:


It’s frightening how many crazies think that world is going to end in a few days. All of us smart people know that it’s not ending until next year.

One year when Rick was ~ 8, and very in to Nintendo, and Kristy was 7, we had worried that he would be upset about getting fewer presents than his sisters. You know, you can buy A LOT of doll clothes & board games for what one Nintendo cartridge costs.

As it turned oiut, he unerringly found all the Nintendo packages, opened them first, and pouted when we made him open up the rest of the presents before playing any of the new games.

Sue from El Paso

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I don’t think my mom liked her nipple ring.

j/k - (She got a nice gold necklace.)

In our house, Uncle Tom will pay. He played Santa with one of those Tiggers, you push on his head and he talks and bounces all over the place. Im thinking after a week or so he’s gonna bounce back to Uncle Tom’s house. :slight_smile:

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Santa did all right with my boy this year. He is 18 months old now and the Pooh bear that he got wiggles his toes and ears in ecstasy when you ‘feed’ him honey. He always tries to put a stop to such wrigglings by grabbing whatever part is moving. But the big hit of the day was the six pack of sweat socks - he would not let go of that bag for love or money for hours - go figure.

My spiteful sister (remember the one with the paternity suit who is pregnant again?) bought my husband a “romantic interludes” CD as a gag gift because we aren’t pregnant yet. She said it seemed like we need something to get “in the mood”. (We’ve been trying to get pregnant for 7 months).
I almost punched her out right there on Christmas Eve.

Ho,Ho,Ho (my sister, not Santa)

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Santa did well at my house while he still existed. She figured it all out yesterday. Watching your kiddo lose part of their childhood really sucks. She just sat in my lap and very quietly cried, hugging me. Ouch. :frowning:

Sue, we were expecting to hear about Pun’s “Major gift errors!” :wink:


Santa is a highly esteemed guy with our tribe this year.

I got a big fat old diamond (finally), Nick got his Playstation and 6 games, a microscope set which may be a little advanced for him, and about one million other things he didn’t need, the girls got bicycles (doesn’t every 2 year old need one?), Rock & Roll Elmo AND Ernie, Teletubbies crap, ad nauseum.

But the very best part is that I’m about to have a slice of delicious 12-grain bread FROM MY VERY OWN BREADMAKER!!!

We went way overboard on the kids this year, but it was Nick’s first real Christmas, unlike the trip he made with his “mother” to the Salvation Army last year. Every time we went into the stores I found something I couldn’t resist. I complained about the grandparents and I was guiltier than anyone.

I HATE it when people buy Christmas theme crap and give it to you for Christmas. It’s no damn good the next day! Like bringing home milk that’s already expired. We got one of those woven blanket/throw things with Santa on it. The kids got stuffed animal things that play Christmas music. My mom even bought the girls Christmas dresses, which were cute, but now unusable. They will have outgrown them by next year. This is a waste of time and money. Buy them a savings bond.

My girlfriend’s parents did the same thing with our son when he was six months old. I acted gracious and all until they left and promptly removed the batteries.

I have one small thing that begs for food and attention while babbling incoherant garble in my house, the last thing I need is to willing possess another :wink:

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Yikes. I keep waiting for that day to come. My sympathies, Commander. How old is your daughter?

Leslie Irish Evans