Major presidential candidate loosing home state.

How often has a major presidential candidate lost his home state?

2000: Gore, Tennessee
1972: McGovern, South Dakota
1956: Stevenson, Illinois
1944: Dewey, New York
1940: Wilkie, New York
1936: Landon, Kansas
1932: Hoover, California
1924: Davis, West Virginia
1920: Cox, Ohio
1916: Wilson, New Jersey
1912: Roosevelt, New York AND Taft, Ohio
1904: Parker, New York
1900: Bryan, Nebraska
1892: Harrison, Indiana
1888: Cleveland, New York
1880: Hancock, Pennsylvania
1872: Greeley, New York
1864: McClellan, New York
1860 (If you qualify Douglas and Bell as major): Breckinridge, Kentucky AND Douglas, Illinois
1856: Fremont, California
1852: Scott, New Jersey
1844: Polk, Tennessee
1840: Van Buren, New York
1836: White? I’ll get back to this one
Note: Before 1824 popular vote totals weren’t recorded so I’m relying on electors here:
1816: King, New York
1808: Pinckney, South Carolina
1804: Pinckney, South Carolina
1800: Burr, New York
1796: I’ll get back to this one too but I’d presume Adams and Jefferson won their respective states.

At least two of those cases, 1940 and 1944, need asterisks because the winning candidate (FDR) was also from New York.

So did 1920, 1904 and 1860

So am I right in figuring that James Polk (1844) and Woodrow Wilson (1916) are the only winning presidential candidates to lose their home state?

Ahh! Al Gore loosed Tennessee, and now it’s humping Georgia’s leg!
Yes, grammar/spelling jokes are dumb, but I couldn’t resist. Please don’t loose your arrows in my direction.