Majority of Canadians support gay marriage - Queer Canucks do the happy dance


As bereft of principle as they may be, we can hope the Libs at least listen to sheer public inertia on this one. We’d be the third country in the world after Holland and Germany.

US queers - come to Canada & get married!

So, like, do I have to be 18 or older to get the video of this? :smiley:


Granted, I don’t know all Canadians, but the majority of the ones I do know think Fidel Castro isn’t such a bad guy …

“Granted, I don’t know all Canadians, but the majority of the ones I do know think Fidel Castro isn’t such a bad guy …”

So??? He’s better than a slew of dictators both left and right…

And what does all this have to do with the support of gay marriage in Canada? Nadda…

Anyway, I certainly that they finally have same sex marriage in Canada!

That was classy, WV_Woman. Real classy.

jayjay :rolleyes:

Hmm, another tempting reason to move to Canada. If only you didn’t have winters. As it is, I don’t think I can leave my beloved Southern California weather.

By the way, WV_Woman, what does that have to do with the price of tea in china?

Just FTR in regards to the overall poll results, 48 percent is not a majority of Canadians, it is a plurality of Canadians.

Either way, WTG Canada!

This means I’ll be expecting that godchild soon, Larry and John.

BTW, I got a new sig about a month ago. I’ve always had one but rarely use it. I think I’ll use it now.

Hooray for Canada! At last an enlightened nation in the North American Continent!

Maybe I’m being hopelessly stupid, but what does Fidel Castro have to do with homosexual marriages in Canada? I’m missing a chapter in here…

I stand with the others in wanting to know what in Hades you mean by that.

I figured you could figure it out on your own.

My point was that Canadians don’t always have the best judgment.

There. Better?

When I say the word “queer” this I thought it was some redneck jerk.

I am not too up on things like this, I am like one of those old ladies you’d overhear saying “Gladys, I think *those people * want to be called the Gays now”…


The majority of Canadians have not had to wait in line for rice either.

The judgement of your remark was also questionable. Why do you feel the need to not only draw a parallel that has no basis or cite to prove it, but then to apply that unsubstantiated idea top the OP?

I’m sorry but did you REALLY just say that?


< damn this isn’t The Pit >

Does that mean I can marry Scott Thompson now? :slight_smile: (No…I’m not gay; I’m a hetero-female, but he’s soooo cute. And Canadian to boot!)

WV_Woman, if you have a problem with the Canadian ruling, take it to The BBQ Pit.

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Nah… let me take it to the pit for her:

Okay, Fidel Castro and gay marriage were not two images I wanted to have at the same time…