Make a Better Sci-Fi Short

Using freeware and standard Windows programs, it’s possible to make a science fiction movie for the Web.

Many of you have posted that you think that a scene from an existing work of Sci-Fi could have been done better, or could have been filmed another way ( a different technique, emphasis on another angle, etc…)

Here’s your chance to make your own.

I used Windows Movie Maker to assemble the parts for this short example of a ship in flight.

The ship model was made in Wings 3D (freeware.) I used the GIMP to edit the texture used to “skin” the model, along with anim8tor for additional texturing. The model was imported with its texture to Celestia, and the MPG save function in that program let me save images as the animated ship flies by.
You can use webcams to add characters, but I ask that the content be original; or what could be legally called “parody” (like the Star Wars kid.) If you think that you can make something, or have an idea you would like to see made into a short movie, give it a try and post the results. For those who want the help, I can put together any stage for you, as long as you write the material.

Here’s your chance- give it a try!

Well these are the ultimate sci-fi shorts