Make 'Em Laugh - recent or memorable times you did

When and how did you last make someone laugh?

For me, it was last night, during that “we really need to go to sleep, but we keep talking” phenomenon. Who knows why, we were talking about celebrities whose real personalities are so publicized and so obnoxious, it ruins their work for us. Mr. Cinnamon offered Meg Ryan, and I said, “Then there’s Tom Cruise, who’s gone from mere flakitude to outright lunacy.” That cracked him up for some reason.

I think the most memorable time was when I wrote a grocery list for him, and instead of “eggs,” I wrote, “Eggses, my Precious.” He didn’t read it till he was in the store, and he said he scared a couple people in the store when he burst out laughing.

It was just last weekend. I won’t get into the details of how it all came about, but I was with some friends, sitting around talking and having a couple drinks. Something was said that everyone chuckled at, but it hit me at the perfect moment. I giggled a little harder, then harder, then I started laughing more because I was laughing, than at the original comment, then I laughed so hard tears were streaming from my eyes and everyone was laughing along with me. I haven’t had one of those cathartic weeping laughs in a long time, and it felt great. I was weak by the time I managed to compose myself.

My mum could never fathom that the plural of both “tomato” and “potato” has an “-es”, and she thought it was one or the other, and was sure she couldn’t remember which was which, so shopping lists were always “Toms” and “Pots”. Despite knowing the correct plurals, I still write “Toms” and “Pots”, and I still get a smile every time - all these years later.

I leave my husband notes - he goes to bed early and I stay up and watch TV - so I get bored and leave him notes. This morning he woke me up with his laughing because of the one I left him last night.

"I killed that renegade gnat you said was flying around.

Love, wife.

PS - Sorry - I had to move the moose head to cover the shotgun scatter. Can you wake me up at 6:30?"

There have been a few that he’s kept - the ones from the dog are pretty funny too.

A friend of mine writes quite a bit. She writes everything out longhand and then types it into her laptop for editing. She was working on a novel a while back, and while she was in the shower I thought I’d be helpful (with the writing, not the shower). So I picked up her notebook, chose the line “He’ll be okay. He just needs to rest” and tacked on “and eat a wombat.” She lost it completely a while later when she came to that point in her transcription.

I was telling my dad how pleased I was with the carpet cleaning dudes I hired. I told him that they were professional and efficient and really nice, unlike the last company I used. Because this extraordinary level of service is such a rarity, I said, “This feels so good I’m sure I’m getting fucked!” He cracked up.

The second and third time I saw Dashboard Confessional in concert, the place was totally packed, and with the wrong crowd too. (For those that don’t know, Dashboard Confessional represents the more acousitc, frailer aspect of what some term “emo”.)

During the opening acts some losers would push around people to try and get a mosh pit going, on a perfectly average modern rock song (not heavy at all.) While the songs certainly were heavier and faster than Dashboard they weren’t really mosh-worthy songs in my opinion, and the floor was so packed that you couldn’t avoid them.

What’s worse these interruptions continued in between sets. Yes, people were trying to mosh with no music.

Both of those times I yelled “I CAN’T WAIT FOR DASHBOARD TO COME ON SO I CAN MOSH!”. Even the instigators laugh at that one.