"Make Hunger, Say Uncle" ??

We were watching TV at the neighbor’s, and I glanced at the screen during a commercial break and thought I saw the words “Make Hunger, Say Uncle” flash across the screen. It went by too fast, so I’m not sure if I imagined that comma.

I haven’t seen this commercial again and have not been able to get anyone to confirm the text. So, did I really see what I thought I saw? If so, someone needs to fire their copy editor.

I hope this is mindless and pointless enough. I couldn’t think where else to post it.

uncle ben’s rice bowls are apparently the ones behind this merciless campaign against hunger.

So does it have a comma in it, or did I just imagine that?

No comma. It’s “Make hunger say Uncle.” You see, it’s a play on words.

Is that anything like “Make Seven, Up Yours?”

Whew Okay, I was hoping I imagined that comma, but I wasn’t sure.

Make hunger!

Say Uncle!

(When my husband and I are driving and see an “end construction” sign, we always yell, “End construction!” We are also fond of “Free manure!” )