Make up your own word!

Fundementia- a degenerative psychological condition caused by excessive exposure to extreme right-wing Christianity. Symptoms include obsession with burning in Hell, delusions of grand piety, deliberately incendiary behavior and opinions, and attention-whoring. Often associated with anti-Semitism and homophobia. Notable sufferers include Jack Chick and Fred Phelps.

Your turn!

Does it have to be a word that does not turn up on a Google search? I’ve (re)invented lots of words.

I made mine up awhile ago. It’s che. It’s like ‘he’ or ‘she’ but doesn’t specify gender. Great for talking on the internet where you all genderless as far as I know.

Contraction for “she, he, or it”:


Shprinky - For a woman who is both springy and slinky, in the manner of the best ballroom dancer. “Mmm, Cheryl Burke and Edyta Sliwinska are a couple of gorgeous, talented, shprinky babes.”

Compostative - adj. a condition marked by the use of rotted organic material

Shnipples…Those shoulder nipples that the hanger makes in your sweaters.

I’m stealing mine from Achewood

Gruffle. As in, a greedy, male way to eat a bunch of tasty but unhealthy food.

I use this verb quite a bit.