Make War...then make love...then more war

war is good.

Why is this such a taboo belief? It shouldn’t be. For thousands upon thousands of years humans have been waging wars in order to assure their survival. fucking hippies. No we can’t all just get along. We need to continually show self-disciple in order to keep balance and evolve.

War is GREAT!

I like reality TV, and damned if bloodied iraqi’s isn’t quality entertainment. I’ve been watching contrived hollywood immitations for the last ten years, and I’m sick of their bullshit special FX & second rate acting. I demand the real thing.

i like oil.

my sources inform me there isn’t quite enough of this godsend to go around, such being the case, I’d much rather other countries suffer instead of ours. I like fast well-designed cars, and those dinky lego-toys that the hippies tout as revolutionary energy savers are ugly & slow.

vrooooooom, lets bomb iraq.

Well, I may support action in Iraq, but war is generally a bad because it tends to kill people. Of course, it is sometime neccessary, because there are people out there who don’t mind killing people to get what they want, and sometimes those people lead countries, and a war is the only way to make these type of people stop threatening others, but it isn’t pleasent.

So should the US and Soviet Union have had a decisive battle instead of all that “cold war” stuff? Would the world be a better place if that had happened?