"Make Way for Tomorrow" on TCM in less than 1 hour

If you’ve never seen it (which is likely, since its first commercial release, any format, was earlier this year), the magnificent ***Make Way for Tomorrow*** is on TCM starting at 5pm PST. One of the best films ever about the elderly (and perhaps the best in English), it’s not to be missed. Check it out if you get a chance (and if I’m not too late).

Stock up on Kleenex!

Isn’t Thomas Mitchell a little… old… to be playing Beulah Bondi’s son? I associate them as brother/sister-in-law in It’s a Wonderful Life. Of course that’s part of a long Hollywood tradition of women playing moms to their contemporaries.

Beulah Bondi was heavily made up in MWFT to appear much older than she was. She did an excellent job - I had no idea she wasn’t actually that old until after watching.

That’s a definite “bring some tissue” movie, no matter how jaded you are.

Tried to watch it (thanks for the alert) but I couldn’t make it past 20 minutes. Can’t stand Victor Moore. Didn’t have any idea who he was, until I heard him talk his first line. Then I knew him - that whining voice, the only sour note in my favorite Astaire-Rogers film, Swing TIme.