Make-your-own diamond?

I have a question that’s been bugging me for a long time.

I know (or at least I think I know) that diamond is basically carbon that’s been compressed over a long (very long) period of time.

My question is: is there a way to speed up this process (e.g. by creating immense heat or some other thing - I’m just saying something here)? In other words, could you make diamonds in a factory? If so, would it be cost-effective (i.e. would the diamond not cost more to make than it would be worth)? This might just be a dumb question: IANAS, and I don’t know the conditions it takes to make a diamond, but still: could it be done?

It’s done on a pretty large scale already.

Those “industrial diamonds” are mostly used for drilling, grinding, cutting and stuff.

Even De Beers is making them. :slight_smile:

Here is an article on the creation of artifical diamonds.

Another link.

Thanks. I’ve been wondering for months now, but somehow I never found the answer.

So here’s the follow up question: doesn’t this affect the value of diamonds? If someone suddenly found a way of making gold and started doing so on a large scale, this would seriously affect gold prices, right? So how about the diamond market?

From my second cite:

So I don’t think this hurts the jewellers all that much.

Even if they could make ‘perfect’ fake diamonds, I’m sure the real thing would still be more valuable.

Kind of like how a pair of underwear with a Nike swoosh or Tommy Hillfiger logo somehow sells from 20 dollars more than a perfectly functional pair, sans logo.

There was even a service that sprung up for making your own diamonds out of a loved ones ashes.

Nope, as long as De Beers (see link above) cartel maintains monopoly control over the diamond market, diamond prices will NEVER drop. I think they said a couple of years ago they would no longer control diamond prices, but I haven’t seen anything indicating that they have.


Actually DeBeers and other people in the diamond trade are very worried about manufactured diamonds. They can make very good stones with machines now, but they still cost too much. In time some experts believe we will be able to make perfect diamonds using industrial machines.

I saw an episode of VOVA where the artificial diamonds they make in the former Soviet Union are gem quality; however, the way such diamonds can be tested is simple…they flouresce under UV, natural diamonds don’t.

Make that NOVA, on PBS.

Does this process scale easily? Can they make something bigger than the Hope diamond?

As I recall, there was a potential problem reported with this process. The diamonds they produced were ‘perfect’, in that they showed no sign of the ashes from which they were constructed. Cynics might suggest that they could easily give you any old diamond and take your $22,000


Diamond prices are controlled by a cartel, mostly involving De Beers & the Russians.The price is enormously inflated by controlling stock releases.
Good quality diamond can be easily produced in thin films at the moment, but if anyone bothered to produce thick layers for gems the price would tank & make it not worthwhile - unless they joined the cartel!