Making a king-size bed

We have recently acquired a king-size bed. I don’t know the exact dimensions, but the mattress is nearly (but not quite) square. This makes it very difficult to tell which way to orient the (fitted) mattress pad and sheet. Does anybody have any suggestions of easy ways to determine this?

It will only fit one way. Just put the sheet on then if it doesn’t fit rotate 90 degrees clockwise and it’ll fit.

FWIW, I have never seen a sheet that had the tag positioned to be on the side of the bed.

vd is right, as far as any of my sheets go. I just put the tag at the bottom and everything is a-ok.

I will point out that (at least with my bed), it doesn’t appear to make any difference which way I put the sheets on. They fit both. (I have IKEA sheets - they’re nice and deep so they fit well.)

And if by chance you have some sheets that have the tag in a confusing place, just figure out one time which way it goes, and then make a little mark in the center of the bottom with a permanent marker.

My sheets fit either way. The king mattress I’ve got is so close to square as to make no difference, I guess.