Making a Novelty Clock

I want to make Mrs Blather a clock with knitting needles for hands. Problem is that needles are three dimensional so I don’t know I can attach them to the shafts or how they can pass each other. Not being too clear here. Any one an experienced clock maker?

I have no experience in the matter, but why not use wood needles and slice them in half lengthwise (or sand them down). You might need some sort of spacer between the hands so there will be some room, and bamboo needles might be light enough so they don’t burn out the motor…don’t want a lot of weight on the hands.

But again, I have no idea what I’m talking about, at all.

If the shafts are long enough, you will have no problem. They need not rotate on the same plane. You’ll be able to tell time with them with one an 1/8 inch “above” the other.

Drill em out, shove em on. Press fit works just fine, if you drill the right size hole.

I think the OP is thinking to attach the knitting needles to hands already on a clock (which would not allow them to move properly.) I might be wrong. But - you can purchase the workings to make a clock at WalMart, in the craft department, or pretty much any craft store. With that, you only have to drill a hole into something to serve as a clock face, then drill all the way through one knitting needle, and halfway through the other, and put them on the spindle-y thing that moves the hands. If the layers are too close to allow free movement, I would think you could raise the higher one with washers.

Thanks for all the ideas.

some one correct me here but does the weight really matter much as long as it doesnt bend anything? since the hands are centered there wont be much stress on the motor anyway.
you could easily sand down some metal needles as well if you have access to a belt sander, might be a bit tricky to get perfect but you wont have to look at the back half anyway.