Making A Super Simple Blog

I’m looking to make a super simple blog along the same visual format as . Just a photo or two, a blurb and on to the next entry. In a perfect world, I could tag the entries so someone could easily find related blurbs but that’s not a deal breaker.

I would assume that this would be easy. But every “build a blog” style website is convinced that what I really want is a thousand different templates for building an ecommerce video tutorial fashion boutique. Even the “personal blog” templates are an array of tiles and truncated entries that the user clicks on to go to the real article. I’ve tried slashing these templates down but it’s difficult and messy and I’d really rather start with what I want than try to whittle a luxury SUV down into a little red wagon.

I don’t mind tossing a few bucks at hosting or buying a domain and I have no illusions that this will be read by anyone except me, a couple friends and my cat when I force her to look at the screen. Does anyone have any suggestions for a site or good advice on how I’m just doing it wrong? Way back in the day, this would have been pretty easy for me but “back in the way” was when my university gave me 10MB of hosting and we still thought HTML {blink} tags were a pretty neat idea.