Making an alarm clock using the beginning of the Who song "Time"

What would be the easiest way to use all the clock sounds at the beginning of the Who song “Time” as the alarm sound for an alarm clock?

Do you mean the Pink Floyd song? :slight_smile:

The easiest way I can think of is to use it as an alarm sound on your phone. I did similarly once with the sound from a Muppet clip.

Yep. There’s any number of alarm clock apps (if not already built-in) for your smartphone, iPod, tablets or computers that can play a song or audio clipping.

There are simple single chip sound recording devices that are quite cheap were available from a lot of places ready built up on a circuit board. They typically hold about 30 seconds of sound, so would suit quite well.

Something built on an ISD1016 chip.

Record to CD/MP3, whatever is in vogue.

Use alarm clock which plays media.

I had In-Da-Gadda-Vida wired through a electro-mechanical alarm clock in 1973 - yes, it was on vinyl. *

Certainly, you should be able to do at least as well with the sound on a chip or disc.

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Download Alarm Clock It will play any MP3 file that you select. I’ve used it for years and change my wakeup song every few weeks.

Out of interest, don’t you find that all the CNET downloads fuck up your browser settings and reset all your search choices. I have had it happen so many times that I never download from their links and find another one for anything I want. Just curious.

My alarm clock/radio (in my bedroom, not my phone) has the option to wake up to a “beep”, or radio, or CD. I’m sure it is not the only existing model with this feature.

So copy the song to a disc, set it to CD alarm: alarm goes off, song plays. Since the sounds you want are at the beginning of the song anyway, no problem.

If you don’t want the rest of the song, end your recording after the sounds you want and let the CD play on a loop (or actually loop the sound several times on the CD itself).

I used to have a radio alarm clock where you could set it up so it played a certain track of a CD to wake you up at a certain time.