Making Banners (HELP!)

Okay for my school in Edmonton we’re making a banner for the 2001 World Championship Games hopes that link works And I was asked to find symbols or images to represent Northern Ireland and England… I am having a heck of a time finding some and was wondering if anyone here could help me. I was also wondering if anyone could tell me what ‘Welcome’ is in Welsh?

This banner is gonna get hung up in the Butterdome and then travel around for the games and stuff. So can anyone help me? I want to help out to make things nice but its hard to find stuff.

Well, for England it’s fairly easy - the St George’s Cross is the flag of England, and you should be able to find it with any search engine. Northern Ireland is a bit sticky. There is an official NI flag, but it’s considered a loyalist symbol, and would not be appreciated by a substantial minority of the NI population. I’ll get back to you on that one :slight_smile:

The Welsh word for welcome is croeso (pronounced “CROY soh”).

You can also use a red rose for England…it is worn on St George’s day, like daffodil’s are for St David’s day (Wales). But April 23rd is way too early for a saint’s day with a rose as a symbol…the english rugby team have a red rose on their shirts, so you should be able to find an online, stylised picture of one quite easily - here’s one, bottom left of the page: (I know that you didn’t ask for Wales, but the welsh tourist board has a nice stylised dragon too…

I did a google search on Northern Ireland symbols & came up with site…it has symbols on it used by both political groups (ie non-partisan ones), so it should be of use to you…

How about a big glass of Guiness surrounded by soccer houligans. That would be the coolest flag ever!

How about a box of Lucky Charms?

Regarding the page fierra linked to, there would definitely be loyalist connotations to using the red hand (on its own) to represent Northern Ireland. The other symbols wouldn’t cause inordinate offence but also aren’t really Northern Ireland-specific.

You’re probably just as well using the official NI flag to be honest. Anyone who’ll be offended by it will probably be supporting the Republic of Ireland team anyway.

Thanks peeps! This is a great help!