Making Desktop Shortcut Icons

      • I have Vis C++ so making icons from scratch isn’t what I’m speaking of: Win98 has a set of 80 different generic icon images you can select for a generic desktop shortcut, but they are generically generic, and don’t bear any relevence to much of anything. I assumed that the shortcut program itself simply referred to a separate image (one image of 80 in a folder somewhere), but when I had a chance to delete my old installation of Win98 piece by piece, I never did find any image files of the icons - either they had a non-standard extension or the shortcut works differently. How can I make my own desktop icon images for the generic shortcut? - MC

Icons can be stored in a few different file types. The .ICO is for a stand-alone icon file. Icons can also be stored in .DLL and .EXE files. There may be others, but these are the most common. If I follow what you are saying correctly, the Win98 generic icons you saw were probably in MORICONS.DLL file in the Windows directory. Win2000 has the file in the System32 subdirectory.