Making frozen pizzas from buns. How to prevent sogginess?

I have a bunch of sliced, herbed, sandwich-type buns. Very, VERY tasty.
I want to make up a bunch of mini pizzas to freeze, but I don’t want the pizza sauce to leave the buns soggy on reheat.
I tried pre-toasting them, but I think they’re gonna be soggy.
So…I have several dozen left to make. Any ideas?

(I did consider just making them with cheese and pepperoni and serving marinara on the side, but I’d rather have them with the pizza sauce.)


You need to put a thin barrier betweeen the bread and the sauce. Try spreading a bit of butter on.

Or you could remove some of the water out of the sauce by simmering and reducing it.
Let us know how they turn out. Sounds yummy!

Put the cheese on the bun, and the sauce and toppings on top of the cheese. One of the very best pizza places I go to does it this way, and it’s delicious.

Toast them until they are crispy but not black. Cook the sauce until it’s pretty thick, and spread it in a thin layer. Don’t put too much cheese on because the moisture from the mozzarella will go into the buns. Good luck!

I just put in a sauce-on-top batch to freeze. That might work dandy. The kids won’t care where the sauce is, and my need for non-soggy buns will be met. Heh.

I tried toasting them, but I probably didn’t toast them long enough, because the sauce still soaked right in. Of course I didn’t think to reduce the sauce, either.

If I have to toast AND reduce, that’s…well, that’s cooking. And we can’t have THAT!


Try using English Muffins instead, they don’t get soggy at all.

What if you froze the buns first, and then added the other ingredients and popped them back in the freezer before the buns defrosted? Would that work?

Oops… I see you need to use up these buns. Okay, in that case, how are you toasting them? I think if you place them face down on a buttered skillet and grill them a bit, (Like you’d grill a cheese sandwich) that might work.

Seriously though, English muffins make great pizzas.