Making Gamies!

This isn’t exactly GQ or Cafe, so I’ll ask here.

If I wanted to, make a video game, with me doing the design from the ground up, how should I go about it?

The way I see it, I need several things.

  1. Design. I’ve already got the basic story and mathematical mechanics set out, as well as several characters. I know the tone and basically need to expand what I have to full size.

  2. Programming. (Fortunately, I’m planning on using a simple 2D engine, no exotic 3D stuff). I have a friend or two with a little bit of this and I, a long time ago, studied as little of it.

  3. Art. I need people to make sprites and animate them, as well as make the backgrounds. I can map the basic layout, but I have about as much art talent as a goldfish.

  4. Sound effects and music. Obviously, I need to find some people who can do this. I actually have a lead on a group that might help with the music. I don’t know who can make the sound effects, though. Obviously, I also need to think up and define the sound effects.
    So, where you do peeps think I should go to from here? Aside from fixing up all of my end.