Making my own sex toy

I thought it would be fun to make my wife a present, a little piece of me (well - not that little :)), that could be available to her when I’m not.

I have figured out a suitable mold making material (we used this to to mold children’s hands pretty succesfully).

What I need is a safe product to pour into that mold.

It’d be nice to have the option for a flexible or rigid material. It, of course, would have to be able to handle being wet, not flake or crack, be non-irritating and, of course, non-toxic.

The same craft place sells this but there’s not mention of it’s suitability. Something silicone-based would be nice.

For rigid material, I haven’t many ideas.

Ideas anyone?

I thought they made kits for precisely this purpose. I’m at work, so I can’t search for it, but any good search engine ought to find it.

There are sex toy shops and websites that sell kits for such things already put together. I have seen them offering either rubber or silicone material to make them with. I believe the rigidity of the finished product is standard for ready-made products of the same material.

Good Vibrations has a silicone kit. I don’t know if I’m supposed to link it from here, but search for “your cast member.” The has (or had) a kit to make one from rubber, but I can’t access their site right now for some reason.

No offense but dont you think it’s a bit sad?


Didn’t you read the OP?

What the hell is so sad about that?

If you’re gonna buy a kit, go with the one with the funniest name: “Clone Your Bone”.

And it’s a good bit cheaper than the “Your Cast Member” one. I’d never seen that particular kit before. The website is indeed funny.

Thanks for the links - I’ll have to click on some of them when I get away from the corporate firewall.

I should’ve figured that my idea wasn’t exactly unique.


“The Regular Clone Your Bone penis casting kit kit is designed for bones from 2 to 7 inches in length.”

shame that

For some reason I’d completely forgotten about the make-your-own-sex-toy kits I’d seen on cable, I had visions of some sort of homemade machine driven by steam made in a garden shed :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I thought he was wanting to bake a woman out of cookie dough!

Word to the wise - be careful not to trap any hairs when you’re casting your Instmold. Strategically placed sandwich wrap or similar might be an idea.

Man, I wish they sold t-shirts.

Or have a shave down there and give your g/f a double surprise, who wants a mouth ful of short and curlies anyway? :wink:

When mine first grew, naturally I had to immortalize it in plaster.

I had some stuff that you mix with warm water to make the mold.

Armed with a playboy I mixed the stuff up, plunged in my member and struggled to maintain my erection while the mold set.

It was my first taste of plunging my member into a warm, soft, moist, place that tightens and squeezes said member. What’s this strange queasy feeling? UH!!

Needless to say I had trouble maintaining my erection, but not for lack of stimulation. I gave up after a couple of times. I had better things to do!

So, have fun. I imagine the hard part will be maintaining your poise while the mold sets. Make sure you get enough supplies for more than one take. You may need a fluffer. Or not.

That’s because it doesn’t include the silicone rubber needed to make a true dildo. It comes with wax to make a candle, and “instructions” on how to cast in silicone rubber:

A cock ring might help-or would that mess up the mold?

I do believe, though, that it says it has information about where to get the silicone for about $15, so that’s still cheaper than the other one.

Yeah but your toy will be :slight_smile: .

I was going to ask my SO for one of these for my birthday but now I can’t decide…

For the teutonically-challenged, that item is a “Showering radio with liquid soap dispenser”