Making wedding favor tags

I need to make about 150 wedding favor tags. Any ideas on the best way to do this. I can order them pre-made on line, but I haven’t found any that let me fit all the words I wish onto them. It looks like I can buy blank tags, and then print up self adhesive labels to print up and fit over them. Thats just a quick first idea. Any others?

You can do premade tags with the labels, but I would suggest the clear labels - they look much better than white ones.

Or, if you’re looking to fit a lot on each tag, you could buy blank business cards and print them on your home inkjet (perforated for easy separation). Punch a hole, tie a ribbon, and voila!
Just out of curiosity, what are the favors you’re using?

You could have a rubber stamp made, I think they are fairly cheap.

I think I’ve seen printable favor tags at WalMart, over in the craft section with the wedding stuff. As I recall, they were round and not very large. No idea of the price, either.

Here’s another thought, if you want something larger – why not use printable business cards? Once they were printed, you could separate them, then ‘dogear’ one end to make them tag-shaped, then use a hole-punch to make a hole.

I’m not even sure of what type of favors they are. They will be home made and creative. My wife is making those. A couple of years ago she made about 1000 chocolate crabs to be placed in a little basket wrapped in tule (this is in Maryland, mind you). That was for the wedding of a friend of my daughter. I thought about the business cards. While my wife thought they would be a little too big, the ease of preparation makes it seem like the way to go, even if we end up cutting each in half.

Rather than cutting them in half, why not **fold ** them in half and punch a hole for the ribbon/string in the upper left corner? You can still have all the info showing from the business card.

Try the following (cut and paste 150 times):

<wedding favor></wedding favor>

I don’t know what your browser will do with them, but markup languages are known for their flexibility.

If there’s a WalMart near you, dauerbach, go right there. I just went to my local WalMart and I remembered correctly, they do have printable label tags. They are about the length of a business card, but half as high. Cheap, too – 100 for ~3 bucks. They are over by the printable invitations in the Wedding section of the Crafts Department.