Well, I suppose it is, really.

I got an email some years ago in which an employee was complaining about another employee and said “She’s such a pre-Madonna.” More of a Joan Baez was my guess.

I would think Cher or maybe Debbie Harry were more of the pre-Madonna. Joan Baez was always very simple and laid back. Cher or Debbie were much bigger on performance art with singing. :slight_smile:

One of my college roommates was from a small town in Wisconsin, and his parents were lifelong residents of that same small town. His parents came down to Madison to visit him one weekend, and took him out to eat at a nicer restaurant. While at the restaurant, his father asked the waitress if they could order a “giraffe of wine.” (He meant “carafe.”)

That is truly excellent.

Nah, the pre-Madonna was Dale Bozzio, the lead singer for Missing Persons.

Look up the video for “Words” for an example of her stage costumes.